Vonda Skelton

Vonda Skelton

Vonda Skelton, Co-Founder of Christian Communicators

In 1998, the Lord took Vonda kicking and screaming into speaking when He called her to give a testimony at her church women’s retreat. It wasn’t a call she wanted to hear. She even reminded the Lord that she “didn’t do women,” to which He most likely laughed and said something similar to, “Is that so? Well, watch this!”

Today Vonda has a vibrant speaking ministry, sharing her messages with audiences around the country an average of 60 times a year for several years before limiting her schedule this year. And she loves teaching others how to do the same.

She is the author of four books, including her women’s book, Seeing through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe. This book “takes a hilarious journey through all things female as we search for truth in a counterfeit world.” She is also the author of a children’s mystery series, The Bitsy Burroughs Mysteries. The third book in the series, Bitsy and the Mystery at Hilton Head Island, was a Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Award Nominee.

Vonda is a former RN and freelance writer, and her articles have appeared in magazines such as HomeLife, ParentLife, Christian Single, and Focus on the Family publications. She’s a sought-after instructor at writer’s conferences and enjoys mentoring and encouraging new writers. She also teaches writing to public, private, and homeschooled students and has spoken to over 22,000 kids across the country. Vonda is a dramatist, playwright and lyricist, and loves to entertain through her messages. She is the co-director of the Teen Intern program at the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival (www.GideonFilmFestival.com). awsalogo

She recently began speaking corporately, offering motivational, customer service, and team-building programs for businesses, non-profits, and associations. Vonda is a past member of the National Speakers Association, and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and is a graduate of CLASSeminars and She Speaks. She is represented by Christian Speaker Services (www.ChristianSpeakersServices.com) and Christian Speakers 4 You (www.ChristianSpeakers4You.com). She is founder and, along with Carolyn Knefely, is co-director of Christian Communicators (www.ChristianCommunicators.com). Visit Vonda’s website and writer’s blog, The Christian Writer’s Den, at www.VondaSkelton.com.

Vonda has been married to Gary for over 40 years—and they’re still happy about it! They have two daughters and four grandchildren.

As one who tries—and often fails—to be like Christ, Vonda is thankful God can take her messes and use them for His glory!