Grace-Filled Support

At Christian Communicators, you’ll find…

A community of women just like you. Women who love the Lord and want to spread His message of mercy, grace, and love. Women who have a heart for others.

Women who just can’t keep quiet.

Grace-filled support is the heart of Christian Communicators.

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to take that first tentative step or to expand your established ministry, at Christian Communicators you’ll find a fellowship of like-minded women who know and understand.

Please check out our Mission Statement and our Statement of Faith and then contact us.

It would be a joy to partner with you to bring glory to Him!

CCC gave me practical steps to help me transition from just the knowledge that God had called me to speak to actually discovering what to do next. By far, the most incredible blessing was the encouragement and emotional support given to me by Vonda, Carolyn and all the other attendees throughout the week. It was God’s way of lovingly affirming me as He led me down a new path in my life.  

Jackie E. Perry, MS, LPCS, NCC
Hickory, North Carolina