Carolyn Knefely


Carolyn K. Knefely is an international speaker, a  career development trainer, and a hospitality expert. She has taught her professional development programs to educators and corporate directors from 29 countries through World Association of Colleges and Employers (WACE) and is a repeat guest speaker for the American Marketing Association as well as at International Toastmasters regional conferences. Her passion is to help people go beyond networking to connecting through building meaningful relationships. Her interactive presentations are described as “fun,” “productive,” and “delightful difference makers.”

As a people polisher, Carolyn teaches fine dining and business etiquette, international protocol, and career strategies. Her professional polish came through her degree at the University of Texas, The Protocol School of Washington, her career experiences in sales and marketing with an international airline, as a career development director,  corporate relations officer at a major university, and a fund raiser for a national non-profit organization.

Nevertheless, it was Christ Jesus who polished her with His love and took her from beggar to teacher. He taught her how to share stories that inspire, motivate, and lead to immediate application for personal and professional change in her audiences.

In 2009, Carolyn and Helmut moved from Texas to South Carolina to be near their daughter and her family. It was their 19th move in 46 years of marriage. She planned to retire and play with the grandson. However, God had other plans.

He called her into a partnership with Vonda Skelton as co-founder of Christian Communicators ( At Christian Communicators, Vonda and Carolyn educate, validate, and launch women in their speaking ministries.

Carolyn’s passion is to help people shine in their communication skills, relationships, and  in the journey at Jesus Christ’s side.

Learn more about Carolyn and how to enjoy t (time), e (encouragement), a (acceptance) in C (Christ’s) u (uplifting) p (presence) by visiting Carolyn’s website at

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