Pre Conference Sessions 2024

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Get the most out of CCC* by participating in one or both pre-conference sessions.

$99 for one session
$175 for both


*This offer is to CCC registrants only

Session 1:

Basics Bootcamp: Websites, Bios & One Sheets


Join Lori Boruff and Tammy Whitehurst for a hands-on, jam-packed workshop full of tips and techniques to help you get booked. Come with your bio, speaker sheet, and even your website for review, and leave with something new. It’s important to stay updated or you will be outdated! Don’t have any of those tools yet? Come and learn!

Tammy Whitehurst and Lori Boruff

Tammy Whitehurst and Lori Boruff



Tammy Whitehurst brings years of experience to the conference as an onstage full-time speaker and author of a popular devotional, High Heels and Hallelujahs, as well as published in several magazines and heard on podcasts.  

Lori Boruff’s passion is to help women held back by fear soar to their full potential. She does so through CCC, retreats, speaking, coaching and her book, Hope In The Ruins – A Rescue and Recovery Plan for Hearts in Crisis.

Session 2:

The Business Side of Speaking


 As much as we believe our calling to speak is from God, we must choose to be good financial stewards to grow our speaking business. During this workshop, you will learn the Basics of Bookkeeping & Business Expenses, and the Essentials to Create a Speaker Agreement & Speaker Onsite Request Sheet.

Presenter – Linda Goldfarb

Presenter – Linda Goldfarb

Speaker, Author, Certified Life Coach, Podcaster, Audiobook Narrator

Linda Goldfarb is a 10-year talk-radio veteran and current host of the award-winning podcast, Your Best Writing Life and her passion podcast, Staying Real About Faith & Family. She is a speaker, author, certified life coach, podcaster, audiobook narrator—influencing lives, impacting families, igniting HOPE!

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