CCC 2014

CCC 2014

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

“I have been a conference planner, I speak at dozens of conferences per year, and I have attended hundreds in my lifetime. Many have been excellent. I have never before referred to a conference as ‘transformative’ and ‘life-changing,’ yet the Christian Communicators Conference was that for me. The solid teaching, powerful experiential learning and Christ-centered fellowship (not to mention the restorative beauty of the location and the amazing food!) all combined to make this a ‘must-attend’ conference for seasoned and aspiring Christian speakers and writers. Do NOT miss it!”

Sue Badeau, PA


“At Christian Communicators I went from caterpillar to butterfly in five short days. Now it’s your turn to sprout wings and carry that unique message God has burning in your heart to a world that needs to hear it.”
Sherry Boykin, PA


“CCC was a life-changer for me. This conference gave me hands-on know-how and moved me to the next level–of DOING what He called me to. My ministry of retreats for women with broken hearts began five months after I attended CCC. You will be catapulted into walking out His purpose for your life!”
Freda McGhee, GA


“The Christian Communicators Conference was an in-depth weekend of speaker training that was filled with encouragement, deep friendship, and love. It helped move my speaking to the next level…I feel more polished and confident as a professional speaker.”
Patty Mason, TN
Liberty in Christ Ministries

“One of the most outstanding aspects of this conference was the clear desire to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead.”
Linda Dindzans, WI


“I thought I knew what I was doing as a speaker, but then I went to the Christian Communicators Conference and learned what

Advanced Christian Communicators Conference 2014

Advanced Christian Communicators Conference 2014

God wanted me to do.  Life changing.”
Dell Self, TN


“Carolyn and Vonda packed a whole lot of value into our CCC time. I came away confident that I could handle myself graciously in any setting, thanks to Carolyn’s tutelage. Vonda’s tips on booking speaking gigs and on bookkeeping were fantastic as well as her instruction on public speaking. On top of that, the contacts I made at CCC were very good for my ministry and career.”
Sally Apokedak, GA

Literary Agent, Leslie H. Stobbe Agency


“‘Encouraging!  Engaging!  Educational!’ At the Christian Communicators Conference, attendees learn from two professionals who are passionate about loving God and teaching speakers to share their messages. From marketing techniques to social media advice, the curriculum is full of useful information for aspiring speakers.  Meet new “sisters,” learn to share God over afternoon tea and enjoy the spiritual moments of the beautiful mountains at The Cove. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity; it’s an experience of a lifetime!”
Sarah Meece, KY


“Vonda and Carolyn offer a first-class speakers conference at the beautiful Cove in NC. Because of the size limit of 30 speakers, each participant receives lots of personal attention. The conference is worth every penny of the cost.”
Yvonne Ortega, VA
Former Stonecroft Regional Speaker Trainer of Virginia


“CCC and CCC Advanced were much more than conferences or networking tools. They were times of connecting with God and building relationships with women who have hearts to love and serve the Lord, support each other in prayer, and encourage each other on to faithfulness and good works. At CCC I discovered God’s call was real and has a specific purpose, and I was able to break through the fear that has held me back for years. The encouragement literally changed the trajectory of my life. I AM Ministries was born because of the influence and support of Christian Communicators.”
Ronda Baldwin, TN


CCC 2013

2013 Christian Communicators

“Attending the Christian Communicator’s Conference was the best decision; Vonda and Carolyn along with my sweet sisters encouraged me to believe in God’s call and follow His plan to minister to women. Whether you are ready to launch your speaking ministry or to take your first steps, the Christian Communicators Conference will be instrumental in equipping you to speak forth the message God has given you.”
Jeanne Doyon, CT


Anonymous comments from our 2014 post-conference evaluations:


“Fabulous experience! I really am so very appreciative of all the encouragement, the sharing of real life stories and the vulnerability of all of you. God was honored and it deepened my relationship with Christ through a very clear vision of what He wants me to do.”


“It really helped me to get very clear about what God is calling me to do. Loved that the conference was small and intimate and that I feel like I got to know many of the other women.”


“Sisters helping sisters.”


“It felt very God-driven. Hearts of those in leadership was evident.”


“Anyone looking for clarification of their calling, direction and practical hands on information would love this conference. And the relationships made in such a short time was a fabulous part of it all.”


“From Public Speaking Polishing to stepping out in front of a live audience for the first time, Vonda and Carolyn guide the way. The CCConference is one you can’t afford to miss for all your Speaking Guidance to Formal Tea Etiquette plus friends for a lifetime–it is truly an investment in you and what God has called you to do!”

CCCAdvanced 2013

CCCAdvanced 2013

Lisa Heidrich, RN, CCM, CHP, NC
Communicator, Coach, Catalyst
Stonecroft Ministries Mid-South Divisional Field Director
Author of Speaking Confidence



“CCC was a wonderful experience for me.  It was a weekend filled with wonderful people, new learning experiences and a quiet, restful time away. Not only did I make new friends, but this conference gave me the courage and resources I needed to launch an online Bible study. Subscribe to the study for free at shannonmullins.com.”
Shannon Mullins, GA


“There were so many great attributes of the Christian Communicators Conference, I am still talking about it months later. One of the greatest gifts is the ongoing support and love I continue to receive from Vonda and Carolyn. When they say they’ll walk alongside us after the conference, they mean it. I have also made some life-long friends at the CCC who sincerely care about me—I’m changed forever!”
Kimberly Long, TX


“CCC is the kind of place you only dream of attending. My dream came true when I came across a website highlighting Christian Communicators Conference. CCC gave me wings, a voice and the kind of confidence that I have not found before. My ministry and career as a Motivational Speaker reached new heights because of the great foundation I received while at CCC.”
Adriana Vermillion, NC


“The moment I walked through the door, I felt at home. I learned simple steps to kickstart my speaking ministry, as well as essential business skills for success. But, the most beneficial aspect of CCC is the sisterhood of like-minded women that you meet. I’m continuously amazed at the love and compassion shared among the CCC alumni.”
Barbara Evers, SC


2012 Christian Communicators

2012 Christian Communicators

“Participating in this working, hands-on school for future speakers gave me a dose of exciting challenges alongside strong encouragement. I returned home with tools for implementing and the follow-up from Vonda and Carolyn have encouraged my journey.”
Marcia Gaddis, GA


“CCC was gave me just what I needed to launch my speaking ministry. I walked away with tips I implemented immediately, practical ideas about how to manage and make others aware of what I had to offer, and an extended network of like-minded women who continue to encourage and help each other. Vonda and Carolyn’s committed support before, during, AND after the conference have been an invaluable resource.”
Gloria Ashby, TX


“Christian Communicators week was more than I bargained for. Those of us trying to step up for God not only gleaned informative takeaway tidbits from the classes, we also learned how to prepare for our speaker’s video presentation. The best part? Making new friends and being able to keep in touch with an incredibly talented group of powerful Christ followers and prayer warriors. ”
Vicki H. Moss, TN
Contributing Editor, Southern Writers Magazine


“What is CCC? A place where you’ll receive love, encouragement, and inspiration. Vonda and Carolyn have a treasure trove of ideas to share with you. Best of all, you’ll walk away with lifelong friends.”
Danie Marie, CA


“I’ve been to a lot of Christian conferences in my lifetime, yet CCC would prove to be the most rewarding and the most life changing.”
Glenda Mills, WV


“I can’t believe how much I learned and grew at CCC!  Vonda and Carolyn bring so much experience and are the best! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! I left with friendships and confidence I never imagined!”
Diana Leagh Matthews, SC


“When looking over the available conferences in 2012, I was drawn to Christian Communicators Conference. God knew I needed to have this wonderful community of women to encourage me at this time in my speaking career. I found affirmation after affirmation for my artwork; I truly found the validation I had so desperately been seeking. Along with that (as if that wasn’t enough!) I found friends, real friends, who ‘get me’, who understand the specifics that go along with not only being a writer, but a speaker as well. Everyone has a story they’ve lived through and learned from. Who  can tell your story better than you? This conference will give you the tools you need to succeed.”
Cyn Rogalski, PA
Sculptor, Speaker, Author


“…a life-changing experience…I have never laughed nor cried as much as I did at the Christian Communicators Conference! Interacting within a group of people with like passions, pushing toward similar goals in ministry allowed me to experience God in a very personal way.”
Cindy Nicholson, NC


“If you want to take your speaking and writing endeavors to a new level, then the Christian Communicators Conference is for you! Vonda and Carolyn are masterful at blending practical advice, spiritual inspiration, and


Christian Communicators October 2011

exercises to help you get to the heart of your calling to help you move forward. All this takes place as you develop relationships with several dozen women who share your passion for glorifying God through the spoken and written word. The CCC event is just the beginning of on-going friendships and support that continue after your special time together at The Cove concludes!”
Jenny Noyes, Elon, NC


“If you believe GOD is calling you into His service as a speaker, CCC is the very first thing you need to do. After PRAYING of course!”
Liz Cowen Furman, CO


“As a beginner, I have learned so much from not only Vonda and Carolyn, but also my fellow participants.  They have given me the professional affirmation I needed to shape the kind of ministry God wants me to share in my world.”
Carol Weeks, AL


“I’ve been to other speaker and writer’s conferences and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of attendees. In contrast, the serene setting, personal attention, and professional coaching I received at this conference was priceless.”
Jennifer Johnson, NC

“The Christian Communicator’s Conference was uniquely effective…The intimate number of women allowed for the focus needed to apply the teachings and to bond together with unity. I left with a sense of destination, equipped and prepared for the next step in ministry.”
Verna Bowman, PA


CCC January 2011 Group

Christian Communicators January 2011

“I took my first fearful steps into a speaking ministry through the Christian Communicators Conference. Vonda and Carolyn poured encouragement into my heart. Their experience, talent, and leadership developed my skills in an extraordinary way. I came to the conference with many questions and fears. I left with a greater sense of direction and focus in ministry, more confidence in my abilities, and a treasure chest of skills.”
Jill Smith, TX


“I want to encourage you to register for CCC 2014. I promise you’ll be glad you did! CCC was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Vonda and Carolyn give above and beyond to each conferee as they offer their knowledge from years of experience in training, teaching, and communicating as speakers. They help graduates learn tools and grow in confidence to pursue the God-given call of speaking. The sweet friendships you’ll make while at CCC is an added bonus! Be sure to register. You’ll be glad you did!”
La-Tan Murphy, NC


“The time spent with Vonda, Carolyn, and the beautiful women I now call Sisters was the difference between praying for some and learning from others. Vonda and Carolyn bring their “A” game to this event. The enumerable tools these two ladies will place in your pouch, in such a short few days, is boggling. Be your best. Your voice reaches out with validity stronger than ever before. Go ‘git ‘er done.'”
Mary Brawner, TX


“I would recommend the Christian Communicators Conference to anyone who is serious about launching a speaking career, who just needs some deeper insight into an already established career in the business, or who just wants to test the waters and see if this is the direction they want to head.”
Liz DiGirolamo, NC



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