Getting Off My High Horse

As speakers, we have to be healed from what we have been through before we can help others. This article is about one of the issues God has healed me from. I am forever thankful for His grace and mercy. 

I can make drawing close to God very difficult.  Why do I reject the still small voice in my heart calling me to step out on faith and trust Him?

I was a little anxious as I parked and opened the door of my car.

I had been called to serve the homeless and hopeless at the Shade Tree Ministry Church that met outside in the hot Texas sun in an open field. Surrounding me were some of the most unkempt people I had ever seen. I scanned the open area and slowly sat in a chair determined my faith would be stronger than my fear. God was nudging me to go sit next to a woman who had facial tattoos. I was a bit squeamish due to the fact that the tattoos read “R.I.P” under her eyes and “PAIN” across her cheek. As I found my gaze going back to her over and over, I also noticed the open chair next to her. God had prepared that chair for me.

It was waiting on me, but I was resistant.

She scared me to be honest. I did not want to sit by her. For you see I was assaulted in an elevator in Houston by people who looked like those surrounding me on this hot day. Dirty, pierced, and tattooed. I had no idea God was wanting me to draw close to her so I could draw close to Him.

As prayer time emerged, I could feel the spirit of the Lord nudging me to that open chair. I began to argue with God, telling Him how mean she appeared. I was continually reminded to trust Him. Finally I gave in. I took a big gulp and stepped out on faith, thinking I might leave that chair with a few cuts and bruises.

As I sat in the chair, I looked in her eyes and asked her if I could pray for her. She nodded. When I finished she prayed for me in return.  She asked God to encamp angels around me to protect me. I looked up at her and smiled. She knew my fear and God had used her to show me that even though some of His children look frightening at first, He has softened their hearts and He resides deep within their soul.  I found myself drawing near to God and thanking Him for saving that chair just for me.

I will never be the same. I got up from that divinely appointed chair and grabbed armloads of water and began dispersing it to the crowd of about 150 people who were TRULY thirsty— and I was among them. Not just for water but for God.

From one sister to another…………….((((BigHug))))

Love you, Tammy

1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you