Remember WhenJuly is fair time in our little town. I forget who won last year’s demo derby and how many calories are in lemonade shakeups, but there is one moment I will not forget.  

The moment when God saved the day!

 A few months prior to fair week, my prayer partner and I believed we were to organize Christian Night at the fair. The Holy Spirit put on our hearts to invite speaker, Darrell Scott. His daughter, Rachel Scott, was killed in the Columbine shooting. Mr. Scott’s message of forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ was exactly what we were looking for. Guess what? He “happened” to be in the area and was available to speak.

Every single detail fell smoothly into place until…four hours before the event.

 It was time to set the stage, install sound and video equipment.

 It was NOT time, however, for a Midwestern storm to pop up, but it did. Dark clouds quickly rolled over the fairgrounds.  They produced heavy rain, turning into hail, tornado watches and finally, the sound of tornado sirens. Everyone involved urged us to cancel.  

However, we knew that we knew – God designated that night for a powerful message of hope. We put our trust in Him. We kept our eyes on Jesus, not the storm.

The storm passed and so did the time. We shifted into high gear to prepare for the event. God’s glory must go on!  

As the gates opened we expected a flood of people but witnessed a trickle of faithful fair-goers.

 We realized that logically-thinking people assumed the event cancelled. But we needed those logically-thinking people to buy tickets in order to pay Mr. Scott’s speaking fee.

 It felt like another storm – of panic – was ready to hit! Again, we focused our eyes on God, not the empty seats. 

We prayed.  

God answered.

 Only moments before pouring out our hearts to God in worship, people began pouring through the gate. Over 1,000 people filled the grandstand to sing praises to God.

That hot, muggy day transformed into a cool, clear night. Millions of brightly, shining stars created a beautiful backdrop for Mr. Scott. It was more than we imagined. It was perfect.

 Dozens of people gave their hearts to Jesus that night. We give Him the glory!

As we prepare for the 2017 Christian Communicators Conference where we help women share their stories for God’s glory, we know that clouds of doubt, fear and failure can roll into our thinking like a Midwestern summer storm. 

Or maybe you’ve hesitated to join us because logically the timing or finances do not make sense, but God keeps tugging at your heart.   

What if you are in the middle of a storm right now and you feel like giving up? Maybe someone is telling you to give up on your dreams or the speaking opportunities aren’t coming fast enough.

 Let me, dear friend, encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus!  Wonderful things are on the other side of the storm. Don’t give up! It will be more than you imagine. It will be perfect. 

Do you have a “Remember When” story- a moment when you fixed your eyes on Jesus and God saved the day? Please share!

Lori BoruffLori reaches the hearts of women who are tired of being held back by fear and are ready to reach their full potential.

As CCC co-director, Lori lovingly leads women  toward their dreams. She is a certified Find Your Beautiful Life Plan coach helping women discover their strengths, spiritual gifts, purpose and the strategies needed to use it all for God’s glory.

She leads workshops, retreats, volunteers and has been a guest on JCTV, CTN, Moody Radio, Cec and Me Blogtalk Radio, and My Journey of Faith Radio.

Lori stands by her man of 36 years while he practices something new- retirement. They live in Aledo, Illinois close to their two adult sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law with their fast-growing grandson and one on the way!