“…for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” (Philippians 2:13 NIV).

Live Your Life, not theirs whoohooStuck

Are you stuck in the comparison trap? Do you compare your life, home, spouse, children — even your career — to someone else?

As speakers, we often compare ourselves to others. One of the easiest ways to feel rotten about life is to fall into the trap of comparison. We are often tempted to envy those who have more accomplishments, bigger audiences, more Facebook friends or more events on their speaking calendars than we do. Comparison is always damaging.

We have a tendency to compare our beginning to someone else’s middle. The thing we don’t see is that it didn’t happen overnight. Most likely there is a long journey of stops and starts, do’s and dont’s along the way.


Don’t allow this detrimental feeling to loom over you any longer. Instead of being jealous of someone’s hard work…

  1. Admire them
  2. Appreciate them
  3. Learn and be motivated by them, but don’t try to be them.
  4. Celebrate instead of seethe over accomplishments of friends and peers.


Be the YOU God designed you to be

No person plays a small part, because there are no small parts to play.  Make this the day to start living the life God has planned for you and stop chasing someone else’s dream. God never calls us to be anyone other than who He created us to be. But he does call us to be the best we can be. Are you doing things to become better? Begin going to workshops, speaker conferences, praying for direction and seeking His will.


Develop your abilities and prepare for your future. Thank God for every open door, no matter how small or how big. How nice or how not so nice. How sweet or how sour. Life is not all cinnamon rolls and sunshine, red hots and roses. However, from all the good and the not-so-good places you are called to stop along the way, God is developing you into the person he designed you to be.

It’s important to remember…… No one gets everything, but everyone gets something.  Use your SOMETHING to be the speaker God designed you to be!

Happy Speaking!

(The picture with this article is with my friend, Rita Clawson. She is my “iron sharpens iron” friend. Rita is an incredible singer, teacher, videographer, photographer, and artist. She has many talents and often shares how-to’s and tips with me.  We don’t compare ourselves to each other. We cheer and “Woohoo” each other along the journey God has given us.)