AuthenticAuthentic   [aw-then-tik]:  not false or copied; genuine; real; representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself.


Authenticity is a value that is important to me. Here’s why-

I spent most of my life not knowing the real me. Past pain and shame shaped me into another person. My shattered heart made me unrecognizable to myself and to my family.

When God first called me to share my story—I said no. It is too painful. How could I encourage women to live a godly life when I felt so fake?

His relentless, gentle nudges guided me to Christian counselors who helped me heal and get real.

Authenticity is a value weaving through my spiritual life, personal life, coaching and speaking careers.

Are you authentic? Are you representing your true nature when you speak? Do you dare to be yourself?

Or do you have performance anxiety—wanting people to like you and your message becomes a performance?

At Christian Communicators, we offer the necessary external components that create great, confident speakers.  But, that is not all. We care about your heart.

We give you a safe place to heal and get real. It’s a place where God does his internal heart-work so that you can be an authentic speaker and shine bright in a dark world.  Authenticity is an attractive trait of powerful presenters.

The more transparent you become, the more apparent Christ becomes in you.

Becoming an authentic speaker is a growing and learning process. Avoid these three things as you develop the authentic speaker in you:

  1. Don’t tell the audience how nervous you are. They will focus on that more than your message.
  2. Don’t’ just wing it. Preparation and practice is necessary.
  3. Don’t dump on your audience. Do your heart-work so your emotions don’t get out of control. Tears are fine and they happen because you are sharing from your heart. But share from a healing heart. Your audience wants to hear how to overcome life’s challenges.

Here are three suggestions so the real you can relate to your audience:

  1. Use conversational style speech and improvise when needed. Your audience quickly recognizes a memorized speech.
  2. Share personal stories. This builds credibility and connection with your audience.
  3. Speak in a natural voice. It makes you more believable and builds trust.

Keep growing and learning both externally and internally.  Being an authentic speaker honors God and your audience.

   He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3

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lori-pro-side-initialLori reaches the hearts of women who are tired of being held back by fear and are ready to reach their full potential.

As CCC co-director, Lori lovingly leads women  toward their dreams. She is a certified Find Your Beautiful Life Plan coach helping women discover their strengths, spiritual gifts, purpose and the strategies needed to use it all for God’s glory.

She leads workshops, retreats, volunteers and has been a guest on JCTV, CTN, Moody Radio, Cec and Me Blogtalk Radio, and My Journey of Faith Radio.

Lori stands by her man of 36 years while he practices something new- retirement. They live in Aledo, Illinois close to their two adult sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law with their fast-growing grandson and one on the way!