Tammy Whitehurst post 11-30-16Whew!
So many folks are opening up a can of whoop tail, pout, and negativity on social media. As speakers and writers we can get involved in this kind of negativity as well. My advice…STOP! In the name of love….stop.


Whatever the drama is about, stop and breathe.  Step back. Get a grip on the lip and take the hand off the hip. Stop shaking that head and pointing that finger. What we post on social media can make or break whether or not we get booked for an event. Yes, it actually can. No one wants to hire a drama mama to be their keynote speaker.

There are times in life when we pull up our big girl panties and ride the storm out. I understand some days they bunch up because life has us riled up…I really do.We all have days when we are overcommitted, overloaded, overworked, and want to jump overboard.

But social media is not the place to throw it all out when we are overwhelmed and wanting to unload. The place to “tell it like it is” is on our knees to Jesus.
Four options instead of busting a move we will regret on social media……

1. Call upon the Lord when you need the comfort of Christ not another crisis.

  1. Phone a friend who will bombard Heaven with your name.
  2. Sing worship songs.
  3. Email Tammy, Lori, or Sherry to pray with you. We will.

Tough battles and hard victories happen when we seek the wisdom of God not the world. Instead of crying out in a negative manner, cry out to God for the positive answer.

When we fix our eyes on him…he can fix anything!

1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you