“Like the coolness of snow at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the spirit of his masters.” Proverbs 25:13 NIV


This Midwest farmer’s daughter loves harvest time!

The colors and crispness of fall are appreciated by all, but growing up on an Illinois farm offers a deeper appreciation of the word harvest. The hot September sun dries the crops planted in the spring.


When the corn and beans reach maturity, John Deere combines rev-up their Introducing co-director Lori Boruffengines and roll through the dusty fields like a drag race at the county fair. I loved delivering a cold glass of iced tea to refresh my dad when the corn dust parched his throat.  I know it pleased him.

As a life coach, I see many women living parched lives. They are thirsty for significance, success and security. They emotionally shrivel up from lack of intimacy. Life is hard and they become spiritually depleted.

Sadly, too many people ignore women in the midst of those tough, dry seasons of their lives.  Pastors, co-workers and even friends often seem too busy or too afraid to get involved. Many a time, women feel as if they have no purpose or value.

As a Stonecroft speaker, I reach hurting women and offer truth that refreshes their soul. My radio program, Hope101, reaches a global audience. Emotional pain has no boundaries. I’m also author of Hope in the Ruins- A Rescue and Recovery Plan for Hearts In Crisis. This workbook provides proven tools for overcoming fear, unforgiveness and unmet expectations.  The Find Your Beautiful Life Plan coaching program helps women discover their life purpose and offers strategies to make it happen.  I’ve experienced long seasons of trial and error, planting and growing. It’s all a process that includes a lot of waiting. Now-time to harvest.

My word for 2016 is HARVEST and God’s plan is unfolding.

I feel like that John Deere combine designed to bring in the harvest.  I love helping women separate pain and produce a bumper crop of hope.  In due season, those hope-seeds are then planted as women share their stories in churches, neighborhoods and communities.

This fall is God’s perfect timing. It’s been a blessing to join Sherry Poundstone and Tammy Whitehurst as co-directors of an established women’s conference for speakers called Christian Communicators.  You will get to know Sherry and Tammy over the next few weeks. We thank God for faithful women like founders, Vonda Skelton and Carolyn Knefely who did the hardest work of all and have set us up for success!

With loving leadership we will continue to educate, validate and launch speakers into the fields gathering the harvest for God’s glory.  We pray to be messengers that refresh Vonda and Carolyn as they send us out.

Most of all, may He find us as trustworthy messengers who refresh His Spirit.

lori-pro-side-initialWhen Lori Boruff ministers to those who may find themselves in a broken place, she does so from the heart of experience. Having spent years hanging on to a well-kept secret of rape, attempted suicide, and parenting two sons who chose difficult paths, Lori can relate to the hurts and hopeless feelings faced by women in ministry.


Along with speaking and life coaching, Lori leads workshops, retreats, volunteers and has been a guest on JCTV, CTN, Moody Radio, Cec and Me Blogtalk Radio, and My Journey of Faith Radio.

Lori and her husband Rick reside in the quaint town of Aledo, IL. They are the proud parents of two adult sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law,  their fast-growing grandson and one on the way!