Do to others as you would have them do to you. (Luke 6:31, NIV)

Are you prepared to handle a mission impossible today?

A mission bathed in mercy.

prayerIt might have already hit like a rocket from behind or a boulder to the belly.
Out of nowhere something totally unexpected happens. A phone call. A visitor we had no idea was coming. An accusation. Maybe someone spoke words of hatred or slandered your name. Maybe a challenge has been laid on the table and you are wonder if you are supposed to take it or not.


Do not be tempted to hit the panic button. Resist that urge. Don’t scream, yell, lose your cool, or throw your arms up in despair.


Instead run to God for the answers. In life we are always running to something or from something. God has the answer to what we are running from.


It might look like a dead end or an impossible task at first, but God uses situations like this to grow our faith. Trust Him and fall to your knees.
We can’t change what was said or done, but we can change the way we react.


After all, it’s never too late for a new beginning. God has awesome ways of bringing us opportunities disguised as impossible situations.
We fight from victory not for victory.


 Lord, Help me to see everything today differently. Thank You for giving me a new perspective and a new direction. Help me see how I can glorify You in this situation. In Jesus name, amen.

Tammy WhitehurstTammy Whitehurst is a full time speaker and a co-owner of the Christian Communicator’s Conference.

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She and her husband, Davis, are empty nesters living on a lake in East Texas and enjoying every minute of it.