Have you ever asked God to strike you with lightning? Hair-raising question isn’t it?

Lighning Strike blogI can testify firsthand how frightening it is to be in a lightning storm with no cover. The fear is overwhelming. It’s like playing the dangerous game Russian roulette. You never know which strike will be your last. Thank God, I am still here!


However, here is a spiritual perspective I’d like you to consider.

What if you raised your hand in the air like a lightning rod and asked God to strike you allowing His Holy Spirit power to flow through you and help change lives.

“Well, that sounds terrifying!” you say.

Maybe, but it won’t kill you.

I recently witnessed a lightning strike when 2016 Christian Communicator graduate, Becky Carpenter, spoke at Bettendorf Christian Church, Bettendorf, Iowa. God saw a broken, humble servant willing to raise her hand so that His power could flow through and ignite those around her with healing.

Here is an excerpt from Becky’s Facebook post following the women’s retreat (printed with permission):

Being His messenger (i.e. Speaker Upper) into what I later found out was an audience filled with gals just like us — ‘broken’ woman. The finale message to the woman rocked my personal comfort world as the Holy Spirit changed the message from my very detailed outline 😜!

Being ‘on’ from the time of arrival, until leaving the church late last night, had me attending meals together with these woman, being invited into their homes and ultimately into their hearts as I sat with them pouring out their pain to this stranger. Only made possible because the Holy Spirit prompted them to break some very large chains.

Well, the night went on and more God-things happened—too many to write in this little blog.

Becky Carpenter

CCC 2016 graduate – Becky Carpenter

But that is how the God-given, ground shaking, blow-your-mind, transforming power of the Holy Spirit works through those willing to be a divine lightning rod.

Are you the speaker trying to generate power through your own efforts and find yourself frustrated and ready to give up?

Raise your hand and see what happens.

Visit Becky’s ministry: http://onedaycloser.net


If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If any serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.   – I Peter 4:11 NIV

Lori Boruff CC Co-DirectorLori Boruff is co-director of Christian Communicators and a certified Find Your Beautiful Life Plan coach. Her online workshops, coaching and book, Hope In The Ruins, have proven transformational for women who feel stuck and are ready to experience freedom, success and greater purpose. Lori is a 2016 workshop leader at Carol Kent’s Speak Up With Confidence Conference. She is a Stonecroft speaker and fun favorite at women’s conferences and retreats. Connect with Lori at www.LoriBoruff.com