Our mission as former and new co-directors is to educate, validate and launch speakers with powerful presentations for God’s glory. Our passion, however, is to pour God’s love into the hearts of 30 women who attend each conference. Little did we know how much God’s love overflows – heart to heart.

Here is a glimpse of CCC2016 through the eyes of Mekeshia’s heart:

mekeshiaLast week I returned from a speaker’s conference at the Billy Graham Training Center in North Carolina. I came away from our time feeling overwhelmed- there was so much information to take in! After a quick consult with the team’s efficiency expert, I broke out my spoon and decided to tackle the elephant (aka my to-do list) one bite at a time.

I will not share everything that was covered, but I will share some moments that stood out to me personally.


Incredible facilities

The first day I was there, I took time to walk around the hallways. They were a memorial of sorts, since every wall was covered with photos of Billy Graham and his family, with short blurbs about the work he has done, and the places he has ministered in. On the inside walls there were glass display cases filled with gifts that he has received from people in various nations. Jewelry, vases, native art, and other items were arranged according to the country they had come from. 

I was so touched to see the many decades of service he had given, and confessed to the doorman that I needed to retire to my room and cry for a bit; I felt so overwhelmingly blessed to see his years of service. Those halls represent 80+ years of loving Jesus.
Faithfulness really is beautiful to behold.

My roommate

I was blessed to room with Doris Jean Shaw – or DJ, as some djpeople called her. I meant to ask her age, but never got around to it. We enjoyed many late night conversations together, and I got to share one of my not-so-secret life ambitions with her.


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