Overcoming Ostacles

                      Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles When Hurdles are Not Your Forté 

How I agonized over the retreat sessions I was planning!  The more I wrote, the bigger the topic seemed. And, the closer the date came, the more anxious I became. I knew the topic was right. I just wasn’t so sure I was the one to deliver it.

Have you ever noticed when you are writing or planning a message, the Lord seems to be teaching your heart from the middle of it all?

The topic: Overcoming Leadership Obstacles

How hysterical is that?!!

In the midst of my preparing, God was nudging me through my own obstacles. It’s like He was saying, “How about this one, Jeanne?”

“Oh, yeah, I struggle with that one too.” was my reply. And, as I battled the excuses of why I wasn’t cut out for the task, God was speaking all the louder about His message.

The trouble with obstacles is that we all have them.

The truth about obstacles is they are most often from the enemy who would like nothing better than to discourage, distract and disable our witness. And the remedy for obstacles is found in the Mighty God we serve.

I’ve never run track and field, but if I did, it never would have been hurdles or the high jump events. Keep my feet on the ground, thank you very much.

But, though we don’t feel equipped or prepared to take that big of a step, God knows we are, with His help.

Proverb 3:5-6

                 Proverb 3:5-6

So, I said yes to a keynote speech on overcoming the obstacles leaders face. And, then I remembered I didn’t have the world-given qualifications to pull it off. No college degree. No background in leadership. No John-Maxwell-training, Max-Lucado-storytelling, Steven-Covey-success courses. Just me.

One thing I learned as I stepped up to the podium and delivered the message I believe God put on my heart…Just me is enough for God to use as His mouthpiece.

God is looking for Just-Me’s everywhere to be His vessels…He needs hands, feet, mouths, and listening hearts…a willing servant to say, yes. Just-Me’s to run the race, jump the hurdles and overcome the obstacles that say, Just-Me isn’t enough.

Because with God, a Just-Me is all He needs so that Just-His glory shines.

What obstacles do you face today?


Christian Communicators Grad.

Christian Communicators Grad.

Jeanne Doyon encourages us to draw nearer to the Lover of our soul through her ministry, Pausing to See God Clearly. She connects the truths in Scripture to the ordinary events of life and shares her reflections in her blog. She teaches at women’s retreats and events.

Jeanne enjoys photography, tea, time with friends, journaling, and “being” with her Heavenly Father. She and her husband John live in Connecticut. They have three grown children and a daughter-in-love, all who live too far away.

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