Psalm 37:5

Psalm 37:5

Life and ministry demands caused laundry to be ignored. When Need shouted “Now!” I filled my arms with towels, washcloths, and sheets that became a mountain that my eyes could barely see over. This was a task that needed to be done for the family and it is the job that I’m called to do as wife, mom and ambassador of Christ.

All was balanced and do-able. Then I came to the top of the stairs with the mountain of laundry that blinded me. I couldn’t see the stairs. It was one of those moments of conscious choice. Do I drop everything to see? Or do I trust knowing that each step will be there as it has every day and believe I can still walk forward as I always do but in conscious blind faith?

My choice was faith in action. I took the first step looking straight ahead. The step was there. The next step held me up with sure footing. However, the following step I was awakened with this reality. God has always had the next step set solidly before me if I saw it or not. He has always been there for me when my arms have been filled with responsibilities, needs, demands, and I couldn’t see the following foundation.

The mountain did not move once by the time I walked away from the stair case on to the laundry room. Nevertheless the heart of my soul jumped for joy because of that conscious teachable moment. It was a treasure on laundry day. Much richer than when I find quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies or dollars left in the washing machine. How often we are made rich when we trust Christ blindly in moving forward in the tasks set before us. 

Life and ministry demands take all of us away for a time, but it’s in the simplest moment that God never forgets us with a reminder to blindly trust Him to walk us forward beyond our expectations.


For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness.              Psalm 26:3

Therefore, when you step out on stage as a speaker and/or writer, God has already put the foundation step out before you. Even when life and ministry fills your arms to the point of being blind, know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will not let you stumble.

Speak on trusting in the next step!