Romans 11:36

                     Romans 11:36

The butterflies in my stomach took off like rescue helicopters when I was asked to create a speaker one-sheet in preparation for the 2015 Christian Communicators Conference.

I don’t mind telling you the assignment was daunting. First because folks seem to get to know me automatically. What’s to tell? Second because the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done are simply my normal life. Nothing special. I did my  best and was able to fill the front side of one sheet of paper. At least it was something to hold in my hand.

At the conference I received excellent tutoring in one-sheets. I even brought my sample for a personal consultation. I took notes on the helpful critique I was given, but somehow I still couldn’t get myself motivated. I put in a couple of half-hearted sessions and let it go. After all, how was I supposed to toot my own horn when I really didn’t feel all that accomplished?

Fast forward a few months.

An opportunity arose for me to be a back-up speaker for a CC sister. She’d accepted an invitation to speak with the provision that arrangements be made for a replacement in case an international adoption ran across the dates. I know the ministry and its location, and was happy to offer to take on the stand-in role.

Then came the scary part. The event planner, let’s call her Jane, asked me to send her information about myself, and yes, she specifically mentioned a speaker one-sheet. After kicking myself for letting the project linger, I pulled up the file on my computer screen. Oh no, it’s worse than I thought. How am I going to meet Jane’s request? 

I didn’t have what the event planned needed. What was I going to do? Thankfully it didn’t take me long to realize I could turn to my CC community of wise sisters, ready and willing to help. One special Christian Communicator friend came along side, offering support with samples, information, and assignments. Her encouragement enabled me to do what needed to be done. The key truth she shared is that one-sheets are not about us. They’re to show what God has given us to share. My one-sheet is about Him, not me.

For from him [God] and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.

Romans 11:36

But I’ll be honest, the process still moved forward in fits and starts. When I got bogged down with wording I worked on images. When I got tired of writing descriptions, I turned my attention to testimonials. There were several drafts along the way until I came up with a version my coach said was strong enough to send. Ah, sweet relief.

I tweaked the content until late Saturday night. I was ready to turn into a pumpkin when I leaned back to consider the results. You know, it wasn’t half bad. And I recognized that all the delightful things it said about my ministry were true. God was using me. My finger hit the Send button and I crawled between my covers. I drifted off to sleep wondering what would happen next.

On Tuesday morning one of my listed references let me know they’d been contacted. And the same afternoon Jane emailed me with, “I love your one-sheet. It is beautiful!” She informed me she was considering me not only as a back-up, but also as a speaker for 2017. Please note that my one-sheet prompted this event planner to act within 24 hours of receiving it on Monday. I’d say that’s a pretty good response time.

To Vonda and Carolyn, I offer my joyful appreciation for your investment in developing such a strong support system in a wide-spread community through Christian Communicators. To those coming along behind me I suggest you heed the directions and advice of those who care for you during the Conference and polish that one-sheet. You will avoid self-inflicted bruises and focus the glory on God.

To see the results of my efforts, find my one-sheet HERE.


CCC headshot for printingSandra Allen Lovelace is a retired pastor’s wife, if they’re allowed to retire. She’s an international speaker known for her candor and warmth. Her current assignment is to bring biblical women to life in person and on paper. Sandra and her husband are old time Yankees so please offer her grace. You can learn more about how she encourages women to pursue balance, fulfillment, and joy through Christ at her blog.