CCC co-director

CCC co-director

I am so excited about being a co-director of the Christian Communicators Conference. I am more than excited, I am overjoyed!

Allow me to introduce myself and share my heart for a moment, please. As if we were drinking coffee together on a balcony overlooking the water.

As a full time women’s speaker, I deal with issues women live with on a daily basis. The ones that can trip them up and leave them flat on their face. The ones many of them lived with for years before discovering the key to freedom. Yes, even I experienced those issues.  For example…..

Females are famous for cutting themselves down. No help needed. Let’s go back a few years.

As children, we twirled around and sashayed in pretty clothes. We looked in the mirror, primped, and posed. Giggled and grinned thinking pink was the most beautiful color and glass slippers were for real.

Then something happened.

Someone entered our world and changed the way we viewed ourselves. Maybe it was a stranger or someone we knew. Perhaps it was even someone we trusted. Even worse, as much as it hurts to say it… might have been someone we loved.

They made us feel ugly. Someone whispered the clothes we wore were ugly or out of style. Maybe we were laughed at repeatedly and criticized on the playground or in the confines of the four walls we called home. Maybe they robbed us of our innocence.

A crook. A thief. A confidence crusher. There was no safe place. Not really.

Self-doubt and scrutiny took hold. The young girl picks herself apart and is smothered in what-ifs because in her mind she doesn’t measure up.The struggle is real.

Then we grow up and we found ourselves bargaining with God. We try to strike a deal and get our way. We draw a line in the sand and tell God he can’t cross it. We do not want to bring it up….much less speak about it.

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A full time speaker bring joy to women through Girl Talk events

Whether we voice it or not, we all have tried to talk God out of what he has tried to talk us into. We tell God how much we can handle.

This is not the way God wants his children to feel as a child or as a woman.  To the creator you are beautiful. Always have been and always will be. Allow Jesus to lift your chin, look you in the eye and sing over you. Perhaps he will sing the song “You Are So Beautiful.”

Erase the line in the sand. Trust God no matter the outcome. Praise God for teaching you to become wiser, stronger, and preparing you for something greater. Is God preparing you to be a speaker? Go ahead….trust and obey. Only then can you experience peace instead of panic. Contentment instead of confusion. Only then can you be at ease instead of at odds with God. Only then…can life begin to get ridiculously good.

If we want to be communicators through writing and speaking we must first find peace with our past. Breaking free is surrendering the story to God so He can use it to help others.

All of my life I have been called a hoot with a capitol H.  I have found God to be so faithful when He tells us in Proverbs that a merry heart does good like medicine. We all need a big whopping dose of a merry heart so we can get through life. A merry heart will surrender the white flag so we can let go of the reins that have held us so tightly. For some we have to stop being angry at God and be grateful He gave us the strength to get through it. I have found some people don’t need therapy, they need a long hug and a listening ear.

A ridiculously good life is when we have surrendered to the calling God has put upon our lives. If you are called to be a speaker, I hope you will join us at the Christian Communicator’s Conference. As a co-director, I come to you with a humble heart, a giggle, and even a grin. After all, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Have a beautiful day, my beautiful friends!

You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.          Song of Songs 4:7 (NLT)


Tammy Whitehurst








Tammy Whitehurst

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