We all have a story to tell of how God has lifted us up. What's yours?

We all have a story to tell of how God has lifted us up. What’s yours?

At a senior dance in the high school gym, I found comfort and reassurance in the noisy girl’s restroom. Having enjoyed the dancing with friends and good swing partners, I retreated to the restroom to giggle with the girls and apply a fresh coat of lipstick. As I waited for my best friend since junior high, I paused in the crowded space to look out the foggy window.

Rain had beat on the glass leaving pearls and streams of clarity for me to see the shining lamp post that stood like a faithful soldier on duty in the down pour. With darkness making shadows where its light didn’t touch the rain couldn’t be seen, but in the light, I could see the rain place in the puddles and pop up in the air with a dance of glee. When drops hit the clipped lawn, there was no action to behold like spectators on the side lines as watchers of the dance. Both the asphalt road and the concrete sidewalk took the pounding without ceremony or effect and sent the collected rain in a stream down towards the drain.

From my point of view, it looked silent out there. However, from my experience, I knew it wasn’t quiet in the chaos of a storm. The clashing cymbals of lighting, the roar of thunder, and the stomping beatings of the rain was as noisy as the girls behind me and blasting music in the gym. Noise and chaos surrounded me.

Nevertheless, I felt unexplained peace in that moment in an over crowded girls restroom, a stormy night outside, and resounding beat of drums. I knew within my heart and soul that God loved me. I knew that moment He had a plan for me when I would graduate in a couple

               Psalm 89:15

Psalm 89:15

of months. The peace in all the clammer was a personal promise that even in the storm of life and the excitement of graduation events He was in control of everything. Trust was mine to claim!

In that moment, I saw something that was there in the light of the lamp and rain on the window, a reflection that made an upright triangle with its corners stretching out thinner than pencil points and exploding light rays around it. That night, I discovered that in a personal pause in chaos, storms, and unknown futures, God is there for us to see if we look and to hear when we tune everything else out to listen He speaks. He brings comfort and reassurance in the dance of darkness and night. We just need to take a moment to seek His peace filled presence.

He’s always there to hold us in His uplifting arms to “dance on.” 


Uplifting blessings,