Matthew 11:28

Matthew 11:28

The steam was just starting to disappear on the mirror as I prayed in the bathroom for God to help me.  I woke up to an intense bad dream, startled and shaken.  A cold Diet Coke and some time in the Word helped refresh and calm me.  The humming of the hairdryer stopped and a song starting playing on Pandora that I had never heard before…First by Lauren Daigle.

I listened intently to each word as I applied make-up and just felt this strong desire to fall on my knees and spend more time with the Lord.

But, I didn’t have time.  I was in a hurry because I had to give a five-minute speech in front of a live audience and a video camera for the first time.  I felt like I would burst if I stopped for one minute.

I told God to wait. “Not now, Lord.”

I wanted to and needed to, but I didn’t want to mess up my make-up and was afraid if I started crying I would never stop.  Bad dreams, fear and nervousness can easily send my emotions all over the place, and I just needed to be strong and get through this video.

“Please help me, Lord.”

I heard Him in my spirit, “Here, come to me…”

“I will at 3:30 today – God, I will meet with you and we can have a sweet time of fellowship together. I will pour out my heart to you. I look forward to our time together.  God, please help me…”

I turned the lights out and headed towards the conference room.  I didn’t realize we were having worship prior to rolling the tapes.  Just as the music started playing, I felt the wave of emotion building up in me again and I felt chills all over as we sang, “It Is Well”.

The Lord brought to mind one of my first counseling sessions.

I remembered her asking me, “Michelle, do you know the song ‘It Is Well’? Do you know the story behind the song? One day, it will be well with your soul.”

I had whispered back, “It will never be well with my soul.”

And here, three years later… I am standing in worship with other sisters in Christ proclaiming IT IS WELL, and it truly is well with my soul!

A flood of tears like I have not cried in a long time just poured.  My friend beside me grabbed tissues and looked at me alarmed.  I could not stop crying.  Thank you Jesus, was all I could manage to mumble as I praised Him for His healing.

I went to the bathroom to dab my puffy eyes. I took deep breaths as I waited for my turn to look into the eyes of the women in that room and share how He had pursued me.  I smiled realizing He was still pursuing me. Even this morning, when in my rush I tried to delay… he met me anyway.

It’s in the love of His pursuit that we are able to reach out and pursue others.  It enables us to see things from His perspective. He knew I needed to release those tears and let it go before I stood in front of that camera. He knows. He knows best.  His timing is always perfect.

See my video from the Christian Communicators Conference, and in it I share how Jesus met me in my brokenness.  He is so very faithful, and I am thankful for His patience and grace.

How has He pursued you?  How did you respond?  Take a moment to reflect, and give Him thanks!


Michelle Viscuse Christian Communicator Grad 2015

Michelle Viscuse
Christian Communicator Grad 2015

Michelle Viscuse is passionate about inspiring women who have been sexually abused or violated to have courage, hope and freedom in Jesus Christ. She loves leading Bibles Studies and serving in women’s ministry.  She lives in NC with her husband and three children, and they enjoy taking weekend adventures together! You can follow her website at and connect with her on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest @michelleviscuse.