Christian Communicators Conference ~ October 2012 Group

Christian Communicators Conference ~     October 2012 Group

I’ve been waiting forever!  At least that’s the way it feels.

In 2011, I attended CCC and I was on fire when I left.  For the first time I had connected with likeminded individuals and felt God confirming the call on my life to write and speak for Him.  This was my first step in being faithful to His calling, after years of running away from Him.

You see, I began to feel the nudge to serve Him in ministry back in 2003.  I was scared and confused and ran as far and fast away as possible.  In 2008, I was broken and surrendered my life back to God.  I also accepted His call into the ministry that had been on my heart for the past five years.

In 2011, another three years had passed and I was still waiting.  I knew God had used these years to heal me from a past of mistakes, living the prodigal lifestyle and domestic violence.  I understood, but I was anxious to move forward to the next step.

Another four years have passed and I’ve continued to wait.  I’ve waited for God to reveal His ministry plans to me, but I’m waiting on a variety of other life circumstances also.  Looking back I see He never left nor forsake me.  He’s used that time to bring me healing in various ways, to draw me closer to Him in my prayer life and daily walk.  I also believe He has used this time to prepare me in ways I’m not even aware of yet.

Now I’m beginning to feel that familiar nudge again to move forward.  I’ve discovered that in all of the waiting I’ve learned a few things:

  1. My relationship with God has grown by leaps and bounds
  2. I have a deeper yearning to study God’s word
  3. I strive to seek God’s will on everything instead of doing it my way
  4. My faith has grown
  5. God has proven He’s faithful through this journey
  6. God has changed me in numerous ways that have affected all aspects of my life
  7. God has continued to use this time to heal me and pull back buried layers of hurt and pain
  8. God is preparing me for His purpose and is not wasting this time
  9. I am still serving God in other ways
  10. I am finding deeper ways to worship God
  11. I can show God’s love regardless of where He puts me
  12. I have to allow Him to lead and submit to Him {so much easier said than done}

    Habakka 2:3

    Habakka 2:3

Only God knows when the wait will be over, but I am reminded that through everything He is priming me for the purpose He has for me. Habakkuk 2:3 promises that “for the vision awaits its appointed time; but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” {KJV}

I am reminded of the movie Fireplace.  There is a clip montage to the song by John Waller, While I’m Waiting.    The chorus sings something like “as I wait, I’ll be serving you, worshiping you so I’ll be strong in the wait for when you call me to run the race you have just for me.”

What are you waiting for? Do you continue to serve and worship God while you wait?


Diana Leagh Matthews

Diana Leagh Matthews




Diana Leagh Matthews is a vocalist, speaker, writer, life coach, and genealogist. She is a 2011

graduate of Christian Communicators Conference and 2012 graduate of Christian Devotions Boot Camp. She has been published in several anthologies, including My Love To You Always, I Believe in Heaven and Breaking the Chains. She currently resides in upstate South Carolina. Visit her at and