Crispy Chocolate Log Roll ~ easy and quick to make!

Crispy Chocolate Log Roll ~ easy and quick to make!

When God calls us to step across the starting line in our ministry, the model looks one way; nevertheless, as we travel on the path with Him the working model changes. The good news is He never leaves us to make it on our own. He is with us through victories, stumbles, and boring daily duties as the ministry grows. That’s the way it was for Christian Communicators (CC).

Vonda Skelton and I crossed the starting line with Christian Communicators’ ministry model changed before we began! We had our plan and God had His. Our plan was for the conference to be held in one place while God brought an ice storm for us to take a big leap a year ahead of our plans to rent a huge lake house to host the CC conference.

That first year, Vonda did most of the teaching. I taught a bit and did all of the cooking. We were so blessed by the ladies who journeyed through the trial and trails with us. One of the things, we gave the first CCC-sisters was a cookbook of all the recipes. The next year, God worked His plan as we prayed, listened and obeyed. He brought us a professional cook. The year after that God lifted us beyond our imagination in improving the Christian Communicators’ ministry model. He took the Christian Communicators Conference (CCC) to The Cove! Renown chefs did the cooking. Vonda and I shared the teaching. God did not stop showering us with blessings. As our work load grew, He showed us a way to bring Cynthia Owens into the ministry.

Serving with the Savior is never boring, easy, or as we plan. He asks that we show up, keep up, and trust always. Vonda and I are so thankful for the journey He has walked us through.

We have been blessed by meeting women from across the nation and countries beyond. Being with like minded women willing to serve with the Savior to bring God glory, honor, and praise has been an indescribable delight.

Therefore, to give you a taste of how sweet our journey has been, below is one of the favorite sweet treats served at the first CCC afternoon teas. It’s easy and quick to make. No baking!

As God is either preparing you to cross the starting line in your ministry or you’ve been working your ministry model — expect changes. Some changes will be sweet, others sour, however, you’ll never be without the Savior at your side. His presence is the sweet treat on the journey. 

You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.           Revelation 4:11

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.




5 No Bake Ingredients

5 No Bake Ingredients

Crispy Chocolate Log Roll

1 (10 oz.) pkg. large marshmallows

1/4 cup butter

1/4 cup creamy peanut butter

6 cups rice crispy cereal

1 can chocolate fudge icing

Place a sheet of foil in a jelly roll pan and spray with cooking spray. Set aside.


In a large mixing bowl, coat with cooking spray, add rice crispy cereal. Set aside.


Marshmallows, Butter, Peanut Butter

Marshmallows, Butter, Peanut Butter


Microwave and melt marshmallows, butter and peanut butter together; stirring until smooth.

Pour peanut butter mixture over cereal and toss quickly to coat completely.





Roll mixture into a rectangle

Roll mixture into a rectangle



Dump hot mixture onto cooking sprayed foil. Press onto a rectangle about the size of a small cookie sheet.


Spread with frosting to within  1 inch of edges.




Plastic wrap and chill

Plastic wrap and chill


Roll, starting from long edge in jelly roll fashion. Peel off foil as you’re rolling.


Wrap log in plastic wrap. Press tightly and chill one hour before slicing, preferably with an electric knife.