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Negative images come to mind most often when someone is called a braggart. However, one who brags on God’s answers to prayers brings about hope, happiness, and visible results. Therefore, fellow speakers let’s brag on the things our glorious God has done. Psalm 66 begins with directions for a braggart.

Shout with joy to God, all the earth!

Sing the glory of His name, make His praise glorious!

Say to God, “How awesome are Your deeds!

So great is Your power that Your enemies cringe before You.

When victories come my way and the joy within me wants to sound with bragging rights, I’ve learned to ponder how the victory trail began. It is in the pause that I recall how God led me onto one particular path to victory.

As an elementary student, I was left in the back of the class with the other slow learners. For 21 years, I believed a lie. In high school, I was told I wasn’t college material. Nevertheless, at the age of 39, I listened to the Spirit of God’s whisper within me to take a college class.

That first semester, I took only one class, but I was constantly in prayer. My goal was to get a “C.” The Lord’s answer to my prayers were for me to take all of the free “how-to-study” classes that semester along with the one history class. His plan worked. I earned a “B” and jumped into a full load the next semester. The Lord carried me over the hurdles of being a dyslexic. He shielded me when the anxiety attacks took aim during tests. The flames of doubt and remembrances of past failures came at me like flaming arrows. But breathing out His name in those moments extinguished threats. Each click of my high heels as I walked across the graduation stage was a shout out to God for His awesome works in me. The degree I held in my hand was a BA in Communication (Speech).

Yet, the best outline as a professional speaker, I’ve learned came from the first three versers in Psalm 66. They give me focus as a braggart on God.


A braggart’s 3 “s” outline:

  1. Shout with joy to God. (Psalm 66:1)

  2. Sing the glory of His name. (Psalm 66:2)

  3. Say how awesome are His deeds. (Psalm 66:3)

What makes a good speaker great is how we use our voice to pour out praise!

Let’s challenge ourselves to be braggarts for God.

Are we willing to be a boaster with a shout, a song, and a story of God’s greatness in our life?

What’s your bragging story? 


Uplifting blessings,