As a people polisher teaching professional leadership, interpersonal skills, and business ethics for over 20 years, I discovered at church Sunday, that one of the tools I teach career seekers, is an ideal practice for blowing out a pity party candle.

When an acquaintance came over to chat before going into the sanctuary, I asked when I saw her smile didn’t reach her eyes, “How was your week?”

“I didn’t accomplish any thing this week. Between …” Her list was long between what she thought she needed to do and what she did do.

However, what I heard from her description of her week, it was spot on in doing what Jesus told Peter to do in John 21. “If you love me…”

Feed my lambs. Take care of my sheep. Feed my sheep.

John 21:15-17

When I pointed out that she was doing exactly what Jesus said to do with her family and friends, it was then that her smile made it to her eyes. The view point changed her. She saw her week was not a loss but a true service.

At that moment the teacher in me kicked in! I suggested that she start a “Because I Love Jesus: Servant’s Journal.”

For years I’ve been recommending to college students to keep a job journal when they do internships or work part time. Job journals are tremendous helpers when preparing resumes or for interviews. These journals reminds the students what they had done and their responsibilities. Reviewing the journals are confidence builders too.

Never before had I thought of using the job journal methods as a

Condensed from John 21:15-17

Condensed from John 21:15-17

cross-over tool for women who don’t see their every day work as worthy. Therefore, I encouraged the dear lady to jot down notes when and how she is feeding the Lord’s lambs, and to start taking photos of the different ways she is caring for Jesus’ sheep. Pictures will be great reminders of what her serves looks like.  Plus… I urged her to add a list of who and how she is feeding His sheep physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Like the students, the dear lady showed her interest in service journaling by the detailed questions she asked. After answering her questions; I was able to remind her that when she felt discouraged or frustrated, her service journal will be her helper in stopping the no accomplishments lies.


I praise God that He has not stopped shellacking this imperfect people polisher. He still has a lot of rough edges to refine on this servant.


Do you journal? What’s your journal story?


Uplifting blessings,