The Highway of Neglect by Beth Bergren

The Highway of Neglect by Beth Bergren


As speakers we always anticipate the next booking opportunity.

It’s important to keep our connection with God strong on a daily basis, to be in line with His will for our speaking passion and ministry opportunities.

As Christian Communicators the first book we should follow is the Bible.


What happens when a woman “neglects” her faith?

Neglect means – to fail in giving due care, attention or give time to.


When we separate ourselves from God in the form of neglect whether intentional or not several things happen:


  • Our link has been broken to intimate fellowship or connection with God.
  • Spiritual growth becomes halted (Hebrews 5:12; 1 Peter 2:2).
  • We are no longer in the will of God.


Drift from the Presence of God – we wander aimlessly from place to place, from one activity to another to find contentment – our focus changes.

Doubt Increases – we begin to hesitate about what we really believe and we become absorbed about what the world has to say instead of what God has to say.

Dullness Sets In – we lose clarity in life, we become discouraged, depressed or discontent.

Despise the Word of God – we develop a distaste for the teachings of scripture.

Defy Christ – we challenge, resist boldly or pull away from our

source of peace.

Disobedience Takes Hold – we refuse to comply with what we know as truth.

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TRUTH: The road of neglect is a treacherous road to take. BE

DILIGENT in your time spent with God through prayer, scripture reading and worship.

ACTION: Ask God to reveal in your heart the path to reconnect with Him! Make it a priority and simply – DO IT!


Meet Beth – 2014 CC Graduate

Beth Bergren  CC grad 2014

Beth Bergren
CC grad 2014

At Mom’s Table – A Homemaking Mentoring Ministry.

Putting God First in Everything.

As busy women today we long for a sense of order. Beth teaches practical living and intentional life topics on home, time & mealtime management based on Titus 2:4-5. NIV



The Highway of Neglect first posted on Beth’s blog September 18, 2014.