Puzzle pieces picture by Freeditalphotos.net

Puzzle pieces picture by Freeditalphotos.net



On Father’s Day, Dad wants donuts; on Mother’s Day, Mom wants moments; and on any day, speakers want an audience.

Here are suggestions for each of these days that you could give that will make you memorable.






Father’s Day: A gift of a donut bouquet

Curtsy of TeaCup Living

Curtsy of TeaCup Living

How to create a bouquet of donuts for dad that offers savings in time and the budget.

  1. Recycle a vase, tin, or galvanized bucket as the base
  2. Add a chunk of tight fitting styrofoam at the bottom of the container
  3. Use wooden shish-kabob sticks to secure three to four donut holes onto each stick
  4. Beginning from the center of the styrofoam – stick the bottom of each loaded stick into the base until a full bouquet is arranged
  5. Cover the top of the styrofoam base with moss or raffia
  6. Opt: tie a ribbon of raffia on the container



Curtisy of TeaCup Living

Curtisy of TeaCup Living



Mother’s Day: A gift of personal time with you

Invite mom to a private tea with you

(Remember t.e.a. means serving time, encouragement, acceptance)

Two options:

Take mom out a few days before Mother’s day for tea, sweets and a talk


Have mom over to share a personal tea with you

  1. Make a simple table-scape of flowers/weeds from your garden
  2. Food can be store-bought or home made; Mom will be pleased either way
  3. Use a teapot to pour from
  4. Use teacups, saucers and dainty plates along with a pretty napkin (paper is OK)
  5. After the treats have been tasted and the tea sipped, bring out a family photo album
  6. Invite Mom to tell her point of view about the time the pictures were taken
  7. She will be delighted to see that you wanted to be with her and to listen to her

At the end of either special moment with Mom, give her a keepsake teacup filled with candy kisses


 Christian Communicators adds poise and polish to ambassadors for Christ.

Christian Communicators adds poise and polish to ambassadors for Christ.

A Speaker’s Day: A gift of prayers for opportunities to share their God given message

  1. Say a prayer for every Beloved Believer in Jesus Christ.

Each believer is a speaker!

Prayers that ask for an audience to come before a particular believer creates an opportunity for that believer to brag on Jesus. The two best stories anyone can tell is the gospel story of Christ Jesus and a personal journey with Him.





Personal Note:

None of us really need a designated day to give these gifts of recognition, appreciation, and dedication. So often, I give our Heavenly Father the holes in my heart because I know only He can fill them with sweetness. Motherly figures in my life are becoming fewer and fewer as time goes by, nevertheless, the Lord continues to lead a lady into my life that needs a cup of time, encouragement, and acceptance. Praying for Christian Communicators is an ongoing delight in order for the lost to hear their messages about Christ and how to become part of the family of God.

What are your wants today?

Serve on!