AgreementWhen I first started speaking, I really struggled with the whole concept of promotion and marketing and…yes, networking.

After all, this ministry thing was supposed to be all about Him, not me. I just wanted to speak words that would point others to the grace, mercy, and love of Jesus Christ. I didn’t want to talk about me.

My goodness, humility is enough of a struggle, and now they’re telling me I’ve got to advertise. Good grief!

But then somewhere along the way, a wise person told me that Jesus believed in networking. That just couldn’t be true! What about Jesus’ words in Matthew telling us to be humble, like Him? What about the whole “last shall be first” thing? What about Philippians 2 where Paul says:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

And now they’re telling me I need to network?

Wise Person then pointed out that when Jesus selected His disciples and sent them out, He was telling them to network. When He declared what we now know as The Great Commission, He was telling His followers spread out, to make other followers, and teach them to network. When Paul and Barnabas and others traveled on their missionary journeys, they brought letters of recommendation from those in leadership…and they wrote letters for others. That was networking.

So what about you? Are you connecting with others in order to spread the Name of Christ? Are you seeking like-minded leaders who could give letters of recommendation for your ministry? Are you recommending others yourself?

If so, then you’re networking. And done right, networking is a good thing.

Grace and peace,


An insightful post is worth repeating as well as comments that inspires both readers and the writer. Continue to reach for Christ.

What’s your networking story?