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Word pictures make messages memorable. Photos captures inspiring realities. The blend of both words and snap shots motivates people to pin the image.

Pinterest assists speakers and writers to give a glimpse of their platform through creative visuals . Within the picture of words and items, the addition of a website can lead the viewer to learn more about the author.

Last year my daughter introduced me to Pinterest. I enjoyed pinning items of personal interest to me when I needed a break. My pleasure became my marketing data that is guiding me in what people are highly interested in and what I should add to my repertoire of presentations.

I’m averaging 25,257 viewers a month on my Pinterest boards. On May 17th, I had 1,090 viewers with an amazing number of “likes.” I share these numbers with you to encourage you to consider looking into creating your own boards and pins in order to add to your marketing outreach.

Vonda and I have created Christian Communicators’ Pinterest boards. It’s a new adventure! Growing pains are expected, but our mission is to establish a venue where CCC-sister can find encouragement with scripture quotes, event planners will discover helpful tips, and women ministry leaders will find support. Check us out at

Do you like treasure hunts? I do. If you go to see how many Hungry for God…Starving for Time by Lori Hatcher (CCC class of 2013) pins you’ll find. It’s always exciting when I’m viewing other women’s ministry boards and I find an inspiring picture and message from Lori. You can become a recognized Pinterest producer with a new means of marketing outreach by sending people to your website.

In Psalm 29:4, it says, The voice of the Lord is powerful;the voice of the Lord is majestic.Psalm 29 4

The Lord’s voice is heard in nature in so many ways such as the whisper in the wind that brings refreshing peace when life feels like a pool of hot water. His voice seems to ring out majestically in a picture perfect sunset that shouts look at My beauty.

Do you think we can add to the voice of the Lord through Pinterest by developing pin worthy word pictures of photos that voice the Lord’s power and majesty? I do. Lori Hatcher, Edie Melson, and more CCC-sisters have.

May your speaking ministry continue to grow as you bring our Lord Jesus Christ glory, honor and praise.

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