photos of objectsLet’s face it, none of us like the idea of being on a waiting list. We generally want what we want…and we want it now! And that includes registrations. Besides, nobody ever really gets called up from a waiting list, do they?


Well, I’m here to tell you that even thought the Christian Communicators Conference is full at the moment, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to come. At Christian Communicators, the waiting list can be your ticket to coming to the 2015 speakers training conference in August!


Although each lady signs up with the intention of actually attending the conference, sometimes life just happens. Best-laid plans can change through no fault of their own and suddenly an opening appears.


So I thought it’d be nice to share some words of encouragement for those of you who are considering getting on the Christian Communications waiting list for our August conference. These ladies were able to come to CCC because they were on the waiting list:

Dear Ladies in Waiting…

I was someone who had wanted to attend a CCConference for some time, but many life circumstances prevent me from attending. In 2014, the time was right for me to come, but there was one problem: when I was ready to sign up, it was sold out. I still felt like this was the right time for me to attend, so I said, “Yes, place me on the wait list.” I don’t know who was unable to attend, or what happened, and I am sorry this dear sister in Christ could not come, but when I got the email telling me there was an opening, I knew God was working things out for me.

Another stumbling block for me was gathering the finances together in a short amount of time, but God also worked that out for me, and I was able to send in all of my money, just when it was due. To God be the glory.

The CCConference was truly a life changing event, and I am still processing, and working through all I learned during my time there. For anyone who is still thinking of attending, I highly recommend it, it will truly change your life.  If you need to be placed on the wait list, go ahead and do so.  If God wants you there, He will make a way.

Patricia Nicholas
CCC Grad 1014

From Lori Kempton:

I never dreamed I would get to attend the 2014 CCC when I was told I was being put on the waiting list. However, I was quite surprised when I got the call one day that there was an opening and I could go! Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I had to say no when I got the call. Vonda and Carolyn didn’t give up. They felt God was calling me there and tried again when another opening came up. That time around, God opened the doors wide for me to literally run through…I had about a week’s notice before I left for the conference! If you’re on the waiting list, don’t give up. If God wants you to be there, trust me. He will get you there!


Getting on the waiting list is easy. Simply contact our conference coordinator, Cynthia Owens, at and tell her to add your name to the list. It doesn’t cost anything and you’re not committing to anything. It just means you want to be notified if an opening comes available.

So, if you really want to attend CCC, what are you waiting for? Sometimes good things do come for those who wait. 🙂

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,