picture with added caption by ck. picture with added caption by ck.

When life feels as if we are in the swirling spirals of a tornado, it’s time to take cover in a corner to pause on purpose! Personally, I’ve found when storms of life suddenly appear to take me down, I take shelter in scripture in a purpose filled pause. No matter the types of storms, just being in a safe place, allows the roar and havoc to pass overhead before stepping up to face the aftermath.

Spring has sprung! Turbulent weather has been popping up like weeds. Recently, while preparing dinner, our daughter called from out of state asking if my husband and I were taking shelter.

“Why?” burst out of my mouth as I turned over a sizzling pork chop.

“You’re under a tornado warning! I’m watching it being tracked in your area now. Go take cover!”

Psalm 32:7

Psalm 32:7

The conversation ended with Stacey pleased that she paused to call to warn us. However, she was the one who gained peace of mind because she learned her parents were under calm blue skies. To pause on purpose can come in a variety of blessings.

All of us are blessed when we purposefully seek shelter each day in scripture and prayers. Daily devotions prepare us for the unexpected storms. When feeling as if being drawn up into a spiraling moment of destruction, a purposeful pause can change the day.

May this spring bring showers of blessing to you especially when pausing on purpose to see the glory of God.

Shine on!