FreeWill DignityWith freedom from the daily workforce, I’ve found joy in giving away a tenth of my free time to lifting others up who are still being awaken by an alarm clock to be on someone else timepiece. I did my time in both the corporate arena and academia. Some days were a delight while others had me swallowing unseen tears before I semi-retired.

Therefore, getting up at 4:30 a.m. on Monday mornings to be fully prepared at 6:00 a.m. for our Bible study for working women is using my free time with delight. I set the alarm clock that awakens me in the dark of night on Monday’s to bring encouragement through the Word and fellowship.

My role is small. I’m responsible to enlist one lady each week to give her testimony before the study begins. This task wasn’t so easy until I changed my phraseology. Instead of asking a lady if she would like to give her testimony I smile and ask “are you ready to brag on Jesus for five minutes or less?” Fortunately, I use a timer because once they started bragging on Jesus they always want more than five minutes.

Isaiah 5111

These Monday mornings are an area which I have been given freedom to serve others. I’ll not list them here because it’s not about what I do but what the Lord has done for me while in the workforce. He was always there in His word each morning to guild me or He brought someone during the day to cheer me onward. With what I’ve learned over the years at work, I can now pass on to those beginning their careers or seeking change. In His gracious glory He has shown me how to use free will with dignity. 

What God has allowed me to see over these years of giving women an opportunity to brag on Jesus each Monday morning is a joy especially when they share how they bragged on Jesus at work. During break times, lunches or disasters the Monday morning Bible study ladies use their free will to share their uplifting moments with Jesus. 

As speakers, there is joy in giving others the stage to speak up about what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in their lives. We need to realize that being voices for Christ you’ll never be fully retired. Who can keep quite about Jesus when on a cruise, a dream retreat, or serving at a conference? Charm is giving your free will with dignity.

Uplifting blessings,