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It was only when I was pushed forward that I realized I was standing in a “wait.” After giving away my bulging rolodex of professional contacts, I thought I was retiring. At least that was my plan. However, it wasn’t God’s plan. He was repurposing me. 

Little did I know that all those years of working in the business world and in academia, God was preparing me for my heart’s desire of helping women and students in excelling in their calling. God never forgets what we have buried in our hearts that we want to do to bring Him praise. 

Today, I’m “doing” what I was being prepared to do. I get to brag on Jesus, teach women how to move their speaking ministries forward, and teach students how to go from backpack to briefcase with polish, poise, and purpose. If I hadn’t left my running shoes on, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up on this new journey.

As I’ve been moving forward in this repurposing, here is what I’ve learned.

When God has us in the “wait” it doesn’t mean we’re to sit and sour before we know God’s plan. During the “wait,” it is a time to pray, prepare, learn, and serve in the areas of our passion. He is lining up people and events for us to “behold” His work in our lives. background background

Paul E. Miller, author of A Loving Life … In a World of Broken Relationships writes, “The word ‘behold’ suggests, again, that the hidden hand of God, not coincidence, is guiding events. Knowing God is in control emboldens us to plan.”

God doesn’t rest while He has us in a pause. It’s as if He is lining up hundreds of dominos in a pretty pattern; yet, the dominos are people! He makes sure everything and everyone is in order before He nudges the first domino to move forward to begin the display of His magnificent design before the world.

Just like a domino standing at attention, we must not grow weary and fall over before our time. If we do step out of line or fall forward before all is in place, then only chaos is on display. Psalm 27:14 is the perfect cheer during a long wait.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.                     Psalm 27:14

However, having running shoes on is important too! For when God pushed me forward on a new starting line, I’ve needed shoes to keep up with Him to fulfill my heart’s desire and His plan. His remembrances and workings are beautiful designs to behold. 

Do you feel as if you are in a “wait” or are you trying to keep up in your running shoes? Maybe you are treating yourself to a “beholding” moment of praise. 

Rejoicing in repurposing!