Romans 12:13

Romans 12:13

Lifting one another up brings a priceless joy to behold.

Last week was filled with appointments, demands, and a desire to save a couple of days to write. All went well until the first scheduled writing time. A call changed the course of the day.

The caller was actually going out of her way to meet a need of mine. I’d shared with her days before that I had a favorite bracelet that was broken. She makes beautiful jewelry pieces. Therefore, I thought she might be able to salvage my inexpensive costume bracelet. It had been lying listlessly in a drawer for years, but never forgotten.

She came over right away to see my cheap treasure. I had only minutes to pray and give the writing time to Jesus before the doorbell rang. He in turn gave both of us ladies a couple of hours of refreshing fellowship.

Exchanging how God was leading in our lives, our work, and our reliance on Him; the treasured time ticked away. Our pause in fellowship lifted our spirits. We were energized to face the rest of the day. My bracelet went home with my friend to be mended.  The valued time for writing was worth putting aside for a greater treasure—friendship.

A friend loves at all times.

Proverbs 17:17

How easy it would have been to say when she called, “I can’t meet with you today. My schedule won’t allow it.” I’m so thankful I didn’t allow tasks to take the place of a friendship pause. If I had done so, I would have treated her like my never forgotten bracelet—put away until the time was convenient for me.

That day brought out into the open the need to pause more often in God’s uplifting presence with family and friends no matter the schedule.

Therefore, today, I want to take time to say to the CCC-sisters, CC blog post readers and friends, “Thank you” for your uplifting comments, conversations and fellowship times over the years. Many of your blog comments and cards are kept in boxes (not drawers). They are priceless treasures of uplifting joy to behold.

Speak and write on,