Months of preparation materials, supplies, and props filled my car for the second Christian Communicators Conference. The only space left was for my purse and me. When I went into the house to get the purse and kiss my husband goodbye, I was shocked at my husband’s last comment and even more amazed at my response.

With the purse on my shoulder, after the gentle kiss, and my hand on the door knob; I gave my husband one last glance. It was then when his words shocked me, “Promise me! This is the last conference.”

I couldn’t twist the doorknob. Instead, I walked back to my husband with words I didn’t know were in me. “I did not ask for or seek this ministry. God brought it to me. I will always follow Him first. I love you and now I must go.”

As I met up with Vonda and followed her in her over packed car, I drove on to the conference in prayer as the miles ticked away. What I discovered on the road that day was when living on mission with Jesus, we can expect opposition.

Yes, I had asked and received my husband’s support before agreeing to partner with Vonda in helping women in their speaking ministries. Helmut had seen the hours of hard work and commitment. He was supportive. However, in that moment of saying goodbye to his retirement partner, words of inconsistency poured out.

Good things and bad things happen on the battle field of serving our Lord. The good is far more often than the bad. Most bad is inconvenience, unfulfilled expectations or repeating lessons of character building that hasn’t taken hold yet. However, when shockers come, we can count on God to show up and give us strength beyond ourselves.

By being honest and bold, both my husband and I realized in that moment that Christian Communicators was more than a self-indulgent role for me. It was a mission God called me to serve in.

My husband and I had planned to do nothing in retirement after years of hard work in the corporate world and higher education. We were going to finally have play time! That was our plan. God had other plans. Romans 8:28 is our reality.


Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28

Now, when it comes time for the car to be packed for a Christian Communicators Conference, my husband helps fill up the car, kisses me goodbye and sends me off with encouraging words. The cost of living on mission with the Lord is commitment, honesty and boldness. Nevertheless, the Lord doubles the investment with faith, trust and blessings beyond your imagination.

May the joy of Jesus lift you up as you serve on the mission field He has purposed for you.

Shine on,