The church is cold and dark.

One lonely soul walks with his head buried in his coat as the rain pounds upon his bare head. His gait is slow and purposeful. His task has been done so many Sundays before.

Stepping into the silence the gentle man shutters and the rain drops splatter on the bare floor. As his aged hand lifts the light switch light pours into the entry and shows him the way to the thermostat. He gives the dial a slow twist that brings a hum of expectation for the church to warm up for the people coming to worship the King of kings.

As the gentle man shuffles on to flip on more lights in dark halls and chilled rooms, he too warbles with delight that the people will be coming soon.

When the last light switch is flipped, the man heads to his desk as fast as his bowed legs will carry him. With an extra second or two to catch a breath, he hangs his wet coat on the wall hook. On ancient knees that slowly bends; he kneels before his chair and prays aloud his same old Sunday prayer.

“Lord, I’ve done all I can. Come speak through me to those You bring through the doors today.

Thank You for the light of Your ways to see in the dark and empty world. Your love warms the coldest shell of a soul. You move a willing yet weak man.

May Your word today feed Your hungry flock. Now, I rest in Your hands. My joy comes in what You will say through me. Amen.”

Is this servant the janitor or the preacher? Yes, he is both.


Who are you?

As a speaker, are you a speaker willing to turn on lights, move chairs or vacuum a floor if needed before standing on stage as “the speaker?” Are you a servant, a speaker, or both—a servant speaker?


His master replied, Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!  Matthew 25:21

Serve on!