The "Thanksgiving cactus" photo by Beth

The “Thanksgiving cactus” photo by Beth

After months of being shuffled around on the back deck, the plant ended up on the floor. With its scorched leaves from too much exposure to the hot summer sun, the once green plant looked too damaged to sit among my other flowering summer annuals. Since I’m such a plant lover, I didn’t have the heart to throw it out, at least not at that moment, so I put it out of sight and tried to remember to water it.

Summer moved into autumn and the terra cotta pot that housed the surviving plant was moved to a table so I could sweep the leaves off the deck. Once again I noticed the damaged parts of the plant but I also noticed the lush green new growth and decided to keep it a little longer.

Last week while admiring the new happy faced pansies in my containers, the plant in the terra cotta pot caught my eye. Not only did I see the new growth, I also noticed it was covered with tiny blush colored buds. Why yes, Thanksgiving was almost here and my Thanksgiving cactus was getting ready to bloom! What was once put out of sight because I didn’t think it was pretty enough to be seen with my other plants now has a place of honor near a sunny window in my dining room as its graceful stems hold beautiful red flowers. No matter what the plant had been through this year, or how bad the stems had been damaged, the plant still bloomed as it was created to do at the appointed time.

Do you feel like you have been through a difficult time, one which has caused you to be shuffled around and then placed out of sight?

I know I have. After tending to my husband for weeks who was in the bed with excruciating neck pain, he finally had spine surgery. But within 30 minutes from getting him home from surgery, he had a heart attack and was transported by EMS back to the hospital, only to have open-heart surgery a few days later.

Before this happened I was like the healthy green plant in my terra cotta pot. Then I was scorched with the events that took place in my life and felt pushed out of sight. But God, in his creative wisdom, has encouraged me with my Thanksgiving cactus. Even though I may have some damaged stems to show for the trials I’ve endured, I’m trusting God that no matter what I’ve been through, I’ll still bloom as He created me to do, at His appointed time.

May you be encouraged also, and when you see a Thanksgiving cactus this week, remember that just as it blooms at the time it was created to, you will also, no matter what you’ve been through.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

Psalm 27:14

Happy Thanksgiving!



Beth Fortune - CCC grad Class of 2011

Beth Fortune – CCC grad Class of 2011

Beth Fortune, a Christian Communicators grad,  has a passion for God’s Word and a desire to teach, lead, and encourage others. Through writing and speaking, she allows the heartbeat of the Father to pour through her words. Her works can be found in magazines, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books and other anthologies. She is also a contributing writer for Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries and Beth and her husband live in SC where he’s a Sr. Pastor of a local church.