Photo by MorgueFile.Com

Photo by MorgueFile.Com

I stood timidly near the pool, watching the action from a safe distance. Body to body, people of all sizes jumped, splashed, yelled, and laughed. The moving water formed peaks and valleys, continuously reforming around the spontaneous movement of the people.

I looked over to the shallow end. Same body-bumping play, just smaller people.

I wanted to join in the fun, really I did! I even stuck my toe in once, but it barely made a ripple.

I called out to the swimmers to make room for me, but no one heard me. They were all having too much fun. The noise itself was overwhelming and intimidating.

“Get in the water.”

“But where, Lord? It seems every spot is taken. Can’t I just watch for a while longer?”

“I’ve called you to swim. What is stopping you?”

“So many people – I may get hurt. Isn’t there a less crowded, safer place where I can swim?”

“Don’t you like to swim?”

“Of course I like to swim! But can’t I choose the pool, the time, and who is in the water with me?”

“Get in the water here. It’s time.”

I knew the Lord wasn’t going to change His mind. So I weighed my options.

If I jump in, I’ll get bumped. I’ll get bruised. At times I’ll get pushed under. Or worse, I’ll just be ignored.

I stepped back.

But oh, the fun I’ll have swimming just for the pure joy of it! Splashing, playing, and making waves. And I know my Father will be watching me and enjoying my joy, even if no one else notices.

I stepped forward.

But I want people to notice. I want them to like me, to choose me for their games, to splash and laugh with me.


You see, the Lord has called me to speak and to write; to share what He shows me during our sweet times together. Sharing with others what I receive from Him, and seeing how the Lord blesses them through my words, is energizing, humbling and amazing.

But there are already so many gifted speakers and excellent books out there. What if no one wants to hear my words, buy my books, or read my blog? What’s the point in sharing if no one is interested in hearing?

The point is that it’s who I am: a speaker, and a writer. It’s who He created me to be. He fills me to overflowing and delights in my words spilling out onto the page. I sense His great joy and pleasure when I share my latest revelation, and when others are blessed with the words He’s given me.

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. (1 Corinthians 12:27, NIV)

Staying safely on the sidelines is not an option any longer.

And you know what? As I read back over what I just wrote, suddenly it hit me: I’m swimming!



Mary Graziano Scro

Mary Graziano Scro

Mary Graziano Scro is an inspirational writer and speaker who intuitively weaves analogies and personal testimony with practical biblical teaching. Mary’s mission is to encourage others about the awesome life God has planned for them, IF they are willing to choose wisely in their everyday lives (John 8:31-32). You can reach Mary at her website, .