A View from The Cove's Porch

A View from The Cove’s Porch

Have you ever dreamed of what heaven must be like? The Bible describes heaven in

Revelations 21 as the foundations of the city walls decorated with every kind of precious stone.  The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.

As I picture these things in my mind, my heart goes pitter patter, as I just adore anything with bling or sparkle!

As I drove into the Cove in Ashville, North Carolina for the Christian Communicators Conference, I had no idea what to expect. It had only been the week before that I got the call telling me my name had come up on the waiting list. I had a lot to do to catch up with those who had been planning for months to be there. One thing I knew for sure was that God was calling me. So I made preparations and set out on an 8-hour road trip with great excitement and admittedly a bit of fear, too. But there I was, obediently driving through the gates, in awe of what God was about to do in my life and ministry.

I was thrilled with what was to come next. Twenty-nine other women were there who were just like me! They knew God was calling them to another level in their ministry but they weren’t sure what He had in store for them either. But nonetheless, they had traveled from all over the world to get to the conference, expecting God to meet them there when they arrived. It was a beautiful thing to watch each woman reach out to each other and sincerely desire to hear their story. Each one knew they were in this together. Each one sparkled with God’s Spirit.

Even though there was this common bond of being called, there was nothing common among the women, other than the strong desire to respond to God’s leading. Each one came with their special story, unique set of gifts, and with great anticipation and excitement for what lie ahead. They were like beautiful pearls just waiting to be discovered and appreciated for what they had to offer their King. They were looking for a way to shine brighter for Him!

As the week unfolded, I couldn’t help but think that this must be what heaven will be like. I understand it is trite to think that I could actually understand what heaven will be like in my little earthly mind. But, as I got to know each CC sister, I realized what a beautiful thing it is to serve with such wonderful women of God. These ladies were God’s bling and sparkle here on earth!

It’s so hard to describe the beautiful experience of being at the Christian Communicators Conference in human terms. It was as though we already knew one another…as though we were sisters before we even met. We were instantly united in One Spirit in an indescribable way.   In my mind, each woman represented is a precious jewel, shining for the glory of God. Together they made something beautiful beyond words! For those who have been there, they will understand when I say, “This must have been just a little taste of heaven here on earth!”

So as we look back at the “not so golden roads” we’ve traveled to get us to this place, we are blessed. We now are reassured it’s been part of God’s plan. God has renewed our spirits and given us others with like-minds to encourage us and pray for us along our journey. They are forever sisters who understand.

I will always look back at my experience at the Christian Communicators Conference with awe. Thank you Vonda and Carolyn for obeying your call to lead others to find their place in spreading God’s love to this world! When this life here on earth is done…I smile knowing, it’s not really about the bling in heaven. Rather, it is about the gems that I have met along the way—my new CC sisters included—who will someday be reunited in that wonderful place we call home!


Lori Kempton

Lori Kempton

Lori kempton is passionate about encouraging and communicating God’s truths and love to other women. She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan College, author of “Just Trying to Be a Blessing,” and inspirational speaker.  As a gifted storyteller, she vulnerably and genuinely uses some of the most hilarious, as well as painful moments in her own life to tell others about God’s love for them. She and her husband, Jim, live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.