Investment of Talents 1Investing time in scripture magnifies our talents. Banking on new insights while reading, often creates a new deposit of thought, I’ve found over the years. Today’s scripture reading had a great return on my time invested.

In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus told the parable of the ten talents on His way to Jerusalem, which lead to His destiny on the cross. Jesus’ pause to tell the people the parable of the master entrusting his assets to his servants made me think of a few things He had given the apostles earlier. Christ’s treasures of golden grace, shining nuggets of His authority, and uncut stones of His strength were a few valuables He gave those walking closet with Him.

However, the apostles didn’t fully realize what was given them. They didn’t know how to use Jesus’ grace, authority, and strength He entrusted to them while He was away at first. Yet, ,over time each apostle discovered that sharing Jesus’ gospel, investing His grace, and applying His authority. They were made strong with Christ’s power in the talents He gave them to grow His kingdom while He was away.

Today, Christ Jesus continues to give His people His treasures and talents to invest in the growth of His kingdom and feed His sheep. He too wants to say,

Matthew 25 21 23

Through the grace of Christ, He has taken me, a dyslexic, and entrusted me to write and speak. By His authority, He took me through college whereas professional high school counselors told me that I was not college material. Through His strength I expose my weakness to show His power to those ready to invest the talents He has given them. He magnifies when we are willing to invest.

Let’s think on what we are doing with the talents He has given us. Have we made our gifts work for the King of kings? Have we grown His investment in us? Do we keep what we have buried out of fear, laziness, self-centeredness, selfishness, or thinking the King is hard by asking too much of us?

As for me, I’m going to continue to invest time in scripture in order to bank insights to share with others. I’ll continue to think on His golden grace, shining authority, and the uncut power of His strength He has invested in me to serve in His kingdom.

Lord, may the readers of this message have 100 percent return in the talents You’ve given them when they invest where You lead. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Uplifting blessings,


Photos by CKKnefely