Little girl walking alone MorguefileOnce we accept the call to Christ and all He has for us to do, we must also accept that fact that sometimes that “something” He has for us to do isn’t something we necessarily want to do.

For most of us it’s fun to learn from Bible studies and make great friends as we grow together in Him. It’s completely reasonable that we have compassion for the hurt and lonely, that we’d be called to purchase school supplies for needy kids or canned goods for the hungry.

But what if what He calls us to do isn’t easy and natural and fun? What if we feel we’re not qualified, or even more direct–what if we’re not qualified to do the very thing He’s called us to do?

Then join the crowd! Stand alongside Moses and Gideon and the disciples who joined–and then ran from–Jesus. Line up with women from all over the world who feel called, but not qualified, for a specific service. Stand alongside me.

The truth is, the two most critical ministries God has called me to in my life were ministries I did not seek or feel qualified for in any way. In my eyes, and certainly in the eyes of others, I was neither prepared nor qualified for a speaking ministry, and I let God know exactly how I felt about that. And yet I came home from that very first event–the one I resisted so vehemently in 1997–knowing what I was created for.

Thirteen years later, I was called again. And again I resisted. How could I, a tomboy with no girly blood running through my veins and no experience in starting such a ministry, be called to educate, validate, and launch women in their speaking ministries? I let God know again exactly what I thought of His great idea. And again, through His orchestration of events and people, He made the call crystal clear. My new friend, Carolyn Knefely, and I were to join forces in 2010 to bring about His will, Christian Communicators, a conference and community for women who feel called to a speaking ministry.

It’s now less than one month until the 5th Christian Communicators Conference, and we’re hearing from ladies who have the same concerns I had back in 1997 and again in 2010. “I’m not sure I can do this.” “What if it’s just my desire and not His will?” “What if I fail?”

I know it was God’s providential will that today, as I looked up a predetermined passage in a devotion, I would run across a hand-written note I’d made in my Bible years ago: “Confidence doesn’t come through our abilities, but it comes through knowing that the One Who called us will supply what we need to respond to the call.”

Wow. I don’t have to be confident that I can do what He’s called me to do. I only have to be confident in Him–the One Who can supply what I need to do it.

“…blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him….” Jeremiah 17:7

Ladies, you’re not walking this path alone. He is able.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance as you take the next step in what He’s called you to do.


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