picture provided by www.morguefile.comy

picture provided by www.morguefile.comy

Our adult daughter is still sleeping in the hotel room. I don’t want to wake her. The only light I have to write this post comes from the beam peeking under the door to our hotel room.

Lying flat on my tummy on the cold entry tile reminds me that it’s not always comfortable writing down a message given during a sound sleep. However, I couldn’t let the inspiration I was awakened with die, so here I’m lying on the floor writing mainly in darkness, a message that I hope will brighten your speaking ministry.

How can we as speaking ambassadors for Christ bring power into our presentations? Or power in our everyday living?

For me, it’s book ends!

My bookends for everything are invisible power-generating prayers. I pray every day before the day begins and end each day with an informal prayer as I drift off to sleep. Yes, prayers are said like ongoing conversations during the day too.

Yet as a professional presenter, the first thing I do before delivering a presentation is to secure it with a solid bookend of prayer. The prayer grounds my desires with non-moveable core objectives to glorify God, teach meaningful skills, and share encouraging stories that prove the point of the message.

This first bookend is grounded in Jesus’ words in Mark 11:24,

“Therefore, I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

I pray a quick bookend praise to Jesus for Him bringing me on stage to hold up the message He’s worked through me.

Christ has always been faithful in taking me through the bookend presentations with joy and ease. Even with an amazing unplanned teachable moment or a more purposeful story to tell for each audience.

During that fraction of silence when the presentation is finished, I bookend the close of the presentation with an internal prayer held up with Christ’s solid words in Mark 11:22,

“Have faith in God.”

The prayer may be, “Jesus, you fed hungry hearts again. Thank you that I was able to pass out Your message.”

We as speaking ambassadors for Christ need many bookends of prayer. Some bookends are good to hold up the front and back end of our preparations for new presentations, while others are needed when traveling to engagements. The best gift a speaker can give an event planner they are working with are bookend prayers for her and the event.

One of the pages written using only a tiny beam of light. It's amazing what God can do through us during times in darkness. Write on!

One of the pages written using only a tiny beam of light. It’s amazing what God can do through us during times in darkness. Write on!

Therefore, fellow speakers may your presentations be difference-makers to those who hear your messages that are held up with bookends of prayer and faith.

Situations in life may not always be comfortable, but, you could be the only beam of light in a dark place for someone who is flat on the floor of life. Bookend prayers lift up!

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