Christian Communicators Conference 2011                    Glenda Mills & Vonda Skelton

Christian Communicators Conference 2011 Glenda Mills & Vonda Skelton

I sensed a stirring in my spirit. Maybe a recall to Women’s Ministry?  How many times had I laid it all down, believing it must be time for me to officially retire…and how many times, after a period of waiting had I picked it up again at the Lord’s invitation?

I really didn’t know what to expect when I received the invitation from a friend to join her at CCC 2011. I just knew I had to go… just maybe, He would speak through Vonda and Carolyn in the days to come. I was not disappointed.

We arrived at the beautiful house overlooking Lake Keowee on a sunny Sunday afternoon; warmly greeted with beautiful, welcoming smiles, and hugs from Vonda and Carolyn. Ah, southern hospitality at its best! After the exciting flurry of introductions and getting settled into our respective rooms; we found ourselves gathered around tables beautifully prepared for us.  We were about to experience the first of many afternoon teas planned by Carolyn.

Linda and Marcia preparing to steep in teatime fellowship.

Linda and Marcia preparing to steep in teatime fellowship.

Before long, we felt at home, sharing our hearts and hopes and expectations with each other. It wasn’t too surprising to find many of us had much in common.

In the midst of love and acceptance where faith grows best, we dropped our masks of self-protection and our hearts connected and opened to the love of God within and around us.

Now we were ready.  Ready to receive the excellent teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring offered by two gracious and gifted women of God. Day after beautiful day, each varied session built upon the other, as Vonda and Carolyn graciously poured their hearts and lives into ours.  What a joy and a privilege!

When I left CCC, I had a new song in my heart and a sense of break-through.  I left my doubts, and fears behind, knowing this was not about feelings. This was all about obedience and following through on what I had learned.

I’ve been to a lot of Christian conferences in my lifetime, yet CCC proved to be one of the most rewarding and life changing.

Like David at Baal Perazim, I name that place… “The Master of Break-Through”.

The LORD has broken through my enemies by my hand like the break through of  waters                       (1 Chronicles 14:11 NASB).


Glenda Mills   CCC Class of 2011

Glenda Mills CCC Class of 2011


Glenda Mills writes to give hope and encouragement through inspirational devotions and poetry on her weekly blog – Meet Me On The Mountain. She is an accredited teacher with Precept Ministries, graduate of Christian Communicators Conference and Christian Devotions Writers Advance Boot Camp.

Glenda lives with her husband Dave, near Morgantown WV. She is the mother of two children and grandmother of six. Visit Glenda’s published devotion with CD under Spirit/Soul category. or her weekly blog-site at

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