Steeping in the wait for flavorful change. CKK

Steeping in the wait for flavorful change. CKK

Prayers voice needs, desires, and praise.

Actions show faith even when the activity is waiting for God to say go.

Jesus is active right now in His wait. He’s preparing a place for His people. He is defending His people when the Devil accusing them before God. Christ is active in His wait for God to say, “Go! Get the family. Bring them home.”

As a Christian speaker my wait was long before being called to stand before His people as a presenter. During the wait, He was preparing me to fulfill His long-term plan by taking this dyslexic straight through four years of college while in my forties. I didn’t realize my career path in professional development, corporate training and career consulting was part of my growing in the wait before stepping on His stage to shout out His praises.

When I retired, I thought I was done and my prayers to serve the family of God on stage were not meant to be. There was peace with the acceptance of a no go decree.

So I brought out my teacups and served sisters-in-Christ at tea parties in my home. During these tea times, the goal was to generate meaningful conversation about our Beloved Lord in our lives.

Fellowship over a teacup builds meaningful relationships. CKK

Fellowship over a teacup builds meaningful relationships. CKK

However unexpectedly, after one such tea party, in my spirit I heard God say go when Vonda invited me to join her in preparing women for their Christian speaking ministries. God was creating a place for women to stand up and speak out in His timing.

There are no unanswered prayers or unappreciated praise by our Almighty God.  His answers come in different ways when He knows the timing is right. Like His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, we too can serve in the wait before we hear God voice the answer to our deepest desire.

So if you have wanted to be a speaker or writer for Christ and you wonder when to stand up and shout His message then let Him prepare you in the wait. For those He prepares will hear go in their soul when they may least expect it.

 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Psalm 27:14

Uplifting blessings,