Photo courtesy of Luigi Diamanti/

Photo courtesy of Luigi Diamanti/

As self-employed speakers, we must do everything we can to be good stewards of the money the Lord allows us to have. I’ve discovered one sure way to help with expenses is to piggyback events.

Through the years, I’ve been invited to speak at schools and added ladies’ events. I’ve been invited to speak at ladies’ events and added schools. I’ve even spoken at a school, a ladies’ event, and a library–all in one time frame. How’s that for getting the most bang out of your travel buck?

The key is to start with what you have. Do you have an event booked? Okay, now it’s time to see if you can double–or triple– your opportunities.

  1. Hit your family and friends. Well, don’t hit them, but contact any family or friends you may have in that general area OR in areas you could drive through on the way to or from the event. Ask your friends and family if they might help you arrange other opportunities in that area.
  2. Hit your social networks. Post your upcoming event on Facebook or Twitter and mention that you’d be available to do something additional in that time frame.
  3. Go through your “Friends” list. We all know we have “friends” we don’t really know, so go through your list and see if you have social network connections with others in those areas. Message them privately.
  4. Do the same with LinkedIn and your professional organizations.
  5. Call churches, libraries, and bookstores in the area. Let them know you’re already going to be in the area and offer to speak or teach.

Additional hints:

  1. Don’t duplicate the same type of event. That could easily set up competing events.
  2. You’re not limited to speaking to women. If you’re a writer, offer to teach a writing class at the local library, bookstore, or school.
  3. You don’t have to have a book to teach writing. If you have a blog, write magazine articles, or have sold a play, you are qualified to teach a class on those topics.
  4. Call bookstores in the area or in route and ask if you could do a booksigning. If they don’t want to take a risk by ordering your book, offer to consign them.
  5. Combine events with vacation. I’ve combined vacation with a charity keynote, booksignings, school events, and women’s ministry events.

So, what can you do to duplicate your efforts and be a wise steward of what God gives?

She sees that her trading is profitable… Proverbs 3:18a

Grace and peace,