Photo courtesy of Michal Michol/

Photo courtesy of Michal Michol/


In the past few weeks, I’ve realized I’ve seen two separate instances where event planners found Christian Communicators speakers through search engines. How did that happen, you ask? Here’s how:

  1. Our website information incorporated the word Speaker multiple times. At Christian Communicators, we stress the importance of the speaker website. In the past, at least before websites were so prevalent, event planners would find a speaker through word of mouth or speakers bureaus. Today, they still will take word of mouth and speakers bureaus as valid recommendations, but they’re no longer limited to them. Event planners will often search the Internet for: speaker, Christian speaker, and women’s event speaker. Be sure to use those terms at various places throughout your website, not just in a headings.
  2. Our topics were listed on our websites. Planners may also search for specific terms for presentation titles.
  3. Key words were used in blurbs and blogs. But keywords aren’t limited to the title. I recently had an invitation because an event planner was looking for someone to speak on the Fruit of the Spirit. And here’s the interesting part: I don’t have a presentation entitled Fruit of the Spirit and don’t have a blurb with those specific words in it. But I DO have several blog posts that include that term. When the event planner Googled (her word, not mine) Fruit of the Spirit, several of my blog posts were listed. She figured if I could write about it, I could speak about it!
  4. Focused scripture was included. This is where the other example comes in. A week or so ago, new Christian Communicators grad, Vicki Hurley, received an inquiry from an event planner looking for someone to teach on the theme verse they were using for their event. The lady put in the verse and Vicki’s site came up! They have since spoken several times and Vicki is one of the speakers being considered, simply because her website had that specific verse in it.
  5. Easy-to-find contact info. Finally, remember that you can have a list of great presentations, beautifully descriptive blurbs, and an abundance of scripture, but if the event planner can’t find your contact info easily, she could easily move on to the next speaker on the list. Don’t miss an opportunity to be considered simply because they can’t quickly find how to reach you. Make the Contact Page easy to find and you could be on your way to another event!

Want to learn more about how to grown your ministry and outreach? Here are some quick tips:

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  3. And if you feel called to develop a speaking ministry or want to expand your ministry and outreach, we hope you’ll consider next year’s Christian Communicators Conference, where we “Educate, Validate, and Launch” women in their speaking ministries.

Watch for the announcement of next year’s date–coming soon! Come and learn in a small, intimate setting…then go out and change a great big world!

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect… 1 Peter 3:15

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