Thirty women stepped out of their comfort zones and headed into the unknown at the end of August. Other CC risk takers had blazed the trail before them in past Christian Communicators Conferences.

Each woman stepped up to the challenges of building a speaking ministry that is more than standing before people and sharing their passions. They discovered the basics of the business side of their calling. These ladies pulled from their soul their purpose statement that will guide them during storms, isolation, and the temptation to quit.

Each adventurer created for themselves a silent partner what “shows” them the steps they need to take to reach the outcomes they desire. They did so with words that inspired them and pictures of who would benefit from their ministry for motivation. These chance takers were willing to listen to two older women who are seasoned speakers with proven paths of success to glean insights and inspiration.

These thirty entrepreneurs removed masks, chipped, and polished their five minute presentations, before stepping in front of the camera to prove a point to themselves. Some ladies wanted validation while others saw the conference as a launch pad. Then there were the authors and professional speakers who wanted to absorb the hidden procedures for a successful and streamlined speaking ministry. Each one produced a shining gem of a presentation captured on film.

An unexpected take away the ladies discovered was that they have a community where they belong.

This truth was best said by Mary G. Scro, class 2013,

I started to write “friends” in my heading, but truly you are more like sisters than friends.

 I have SO much to share, and so little time.  For now, I just want all of you to know how very BLESSED I am to have met each one of you.  And not only “met”, but talked, cried, shared, and walked with you.  Your open-hearted and honest words have inspired and blessed me beyond measure with a freedom to risk and grow…knowing I have a place I truly belong.  I can relate to so much of what I’ve read about in your lives, and it’s awesome to be part of what God is doing in/through all of you.” 

All CC grads stretch themselves beyond what they ever imagined they could do with ease by using their finger to point the way past their own expectations by following directions of proof. They break barriers that block their way to serve and hit strategic goals.

Stepping through the Window of Opportunity (WOO) revealed the character in these women’s hearts to be a Christian communicator.

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Vonda and I were risk-takers following the Lord’s call three years ago to put together a conference for Christian speakers. We have been stretched, chipped and polished while on this journey too. However, the Lord has blessed us beyond our imagination in ministering to those whom He has called. We praise God that He has allowed us to serve in helping fellow risk-takers glorify and honor Him.

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 15: 5-6 NIV

Serving on!