Aftershock cover Candy ArringtonWe write and speak because we feel called to share what God has given us. But do our efforts really make a difference?

Please read this true account of happened last week, all because my friend, Candy Arrington wrote the message God had given her, and another friend, Kathy Carlton Willis, shared it with others.

Our words truly can make a difference.


The Link

By Kathy Carlton Willis (

We are all links in an incredible chain God uses to reach others. Social networking is a great resource for this endeavor! Here’s one very powerful example. On August 12th I received a newsletter from More to Life, and noticed that it featured a new book out called Aftershock co-written by David Cox and Candy Arrington. I posted the following to my Facebook page:

Friend Candy Neely Arrington co-wrote AFTERSHOCK, for those left behind when a loved one chooses death by self-murder. Read an interview on More To Life’s author spotlight:

A licensed counselor in our church clicked the “Like” button, and then added a comment:

Thanks, Kathy. This is a great resource.

Even if that was the end of the story about how we can share and possibly make a difference, it would be a great connecting point, right? A link in the social networking chain. But there’s more!

What we didn’t know was that on August 11th, a distraught husband in his wife’s birthing room at a Houston hospital, just 3 hours after their child entered the world, took a cold gun and ended his life. SELF-MURDER.

Then on August 14th I heard about the suicide at our women’s prayer time, and I mentioned Candy’s book. We prayed it would get in the hands of this family. Before we had time to act on that prayer, God was already at work answering it.

The counselor who read the Facebook post above, has a daughter who went to school with this new dad. The counselor recommended the book she just heard about on Facebook to her daughter, grieving the loss of her classmate and wanting to do something for his family. The daughter purchased Aftershock and gave it to the grieving family, praying it helps as they try to pick up the pieces of this new life and this tragic death, happening all in one day.

While we were praying for this family, a book was being ordered and sent to the grieving family. Sure sounds like a God thing to me. I could never have dreamed it when I posted that Facebook post after that “chance” reading of a trade newsletter. God-incidence for certain.

So many takeaways from this!

  • We write what we write because God leads us to write it. We never know who will need our book or why—but God knows.
  • We reach out to media in a variety of ways, never knowing what attempt at publicity and marketing will be successful or effective—but God knows.
  • We post links on our social networking sites for our own projects and for the projects of others, never knowing if it really matters—but it DOES matter.
  • We share books with others because WORDS minister, WORDS point to Jesus, WORDS matter.kathy carlton willis headshot


Kathy Carlton Willis is a speaker, writer, and happy pastor’s wife who loves shining the light on the issues that hold women back. She is the author of upcoming releases: Speaker to Speaker, the Grin With…Bible Study series and over a thousand published articles. Learn more at:


Vonda here: Thank you, Kathy, for writing and sharing this powerful reminder that can use our words, whether written or spoken, to minister to and help others. But we have to be faithful to write them or speak them first.

What is God calling you to write and speak today?

“Write down the revelation
and make it plain on tablets
so that a herald may run with it.” Habakkuk 2:2

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Grace and peace be yours in abundance,