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Audiences are the best cheerleaders when they know you’re a new speaker.

Everyone who is a professional speaker faced their first audience with shallow breathing, shaky knees, and a mouth going as fast as a NASCAR vehicle in a race to the finish line. However, most found their first audience to be merciful, encouraging, and understanding.

Here are a few breaks that I’ve seen audiences give to new speakers.


Admiration: A break of understanding the strength of character and determination to stand up and speak up.

Most audience members are glad they’re not in front of everyone speaking. There is the unspoken “awe” when a new risk taker steps on stage to share their message before a room full of friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Compassion: A break of strong supporting allies of encouragement.

Audiences listen more intently to new-be speakers, especially women. Like mothers, women’s hearts are ready to support the speaker as they would their own child. A few women in the room will follow through with sharing insightful tips for improvement. However, most spectators will show compassion with their smiles of acceptance.

Absolution: A break of pardonable indulgence comes with the learning curve.

Attendees usually are full of goodwill to all speakers, new and proven. New speakers will find friendly fondness as they speak from their heart the message they’re there to impart.

My learning curve was to master my hands. I have always used my hands when I talk. So when I began speaking; my hands were like uncontrolled children. They were distractions. With kindhearted audience members cheering me on and giving me meaningful tips on how to discipline my hand movements, I went from a shaky beginner to a confident messenger.

Therefore new speaker, stepping on stage to launch a speaking ministry is a gateway to great opportunities and services. Remember, as a speaker stepping up to the microphone, the audience is ready cheer you on to victory.

The LORD is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?    Psalm 27:1

Seasoned speakers what story do you have to share about your first audience?

New speakers, what break would you like to receive from your audiences?

Speak on!


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