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At the least expected moments, God causes me to fall down on my knees in praise.

    I (God) will bless them and send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessings.

Ezekiel 34:26b

As the director of a professional leadership program at a top university, I taught students career and life skills beyond the classroom. One such case was when a student came into my office and asked me what my best meal that I served my guests was.

Yes, it was an unusual question, but the students had taught me over the years to teach during unanticipated moments and places. I told him that my most impressive and requested meal started with a marinated standing rib roast cooked over hot coals.

He wrote recipes down for the whole meal! Then he asked if I would meet him at the grocery store after work to show him what to buy. Being an accounting major, he had a plan already figured out to reach his bottom-line.

That afternoon he showed up at the grocery store with a yellow legal note pad in hand. He took notes in what aisle to find the necessary items, the price, and what to look for to serve the highest quality.

Being totally focused, he didn’t want to stop learning when the power went out and the emergency lights came on in the store. His goal was to learn how to cook something special for his friends and he needed to know the details of how to serve them his best.

The accounting student reached his goal. He mastered that meal and many others over the years. He makes great grilled ribs! He wasn’t afraid to ask other’s to share with him their finest. And he was an applier of what others were willing to share with him.

But why does this story and other student stories cause me to fall down and praise the Lord at unexpected moments? Phone calls! Former students surprise me with phone calls. They tell me of things I taught them that I’ve long forgotten. This student dubbed that day a blessing.

I praise God for the surprise phone calls and thank Him for the boomerang blessings He showers down.

What memorable moments have taken you to your knees in praise?

Serve on! The blessings you give will boomerang.