Christian Communicators (CC) is a God called community of faith filled sisters. We stand together with encouragement, support, camaraderie, loyalty and prayer. For the last two weeks, I have found this to be truer than I ever imagined when I had invasive surgery. I was not alone calling upon the Lord through it all.

Christian Communicators prayer warriors unloaded a barrage of prayers before, during and after my surgery. God had called these warriors into my life before I knew I needed their willingness to stand on the battle field for me when I was too weak. He is never unprepared to protect His own and He is greatly satisfied when His flock pulls together to cover one another in prayer.

Because of CC sisterhood of prayers, the day of surgery, I was without fear. I was at peace. I knew the Savior was in control. When the anesthetist made a forgettable comment, my response was, “I have prayer warriors across the nation praying for me.” His stone face didn’t change as he walked out the door in silence.

However, I was not an inactive prayer warrior myself. I didn’t lay down in silence like a lamb on the altar of sacrifice. No. I spoke up when the doctor came in before getting into his scrubs to check on me and see if I had any questions. I asked for the doctor’s hand and I prayed aloud, “Lord, You are the great physician. Be with the doctor. Guide his hands. Focus his mind. Let him bring You glory through this surgery. In Christ’s name, amen.”

The doctor humbly broke the silence afterwards with, “I need all the prayers I can get” as he walked towards the door with a bowed head.

The next memorable moment came after surgery when the room was filled with nurses punching on their portable computers or adjusting tubs, tapes and tablets. Through the chaos and mind fog, I heard an unexpected voice that woke me up with such joy that I reacted wholeheartedly with, “Everyone, this is my friend, Vonda Skelton. She’s an author and speaker.”

Immediately, I fell back into a foggy doze for a moment only because I came to finishing my introduction with “She’s an actress too.”

Vonda’s voice and presence was an unexpected gift that day. The gift of her friendship, God had brought about many years before I had the need of coming through surgery.

What I didn’t say in the introduction of my friend was that she had been an RN for thirty years. But they must have known or my husband made it clear that Vonda came to spend the night with me and give me special care.

It was a delight to see her there when I came in and out of consciousness that night. She was always ready for a minute or two conversation before I would drift away. Wisely she challenged me to do my best in using a breathing device that looked scary. Vonda told me it was to prevent pneumonia. She is a natural leader in encouragement and prayers.

My recovery was painless because of a faithful family, a priceless friend, prayer warriors, a skilled care-team and a Savior in control.

The doctor was amazed by what he saw in my speedy response to surgery. I’m the first patient he had allowed to go home after only two days. I met all his criteria, so home I went.

The difference makers: a faithful husband standing at my side, a sisterhood of prayer warriors, a friend sacrificing her precious little time in being a real friend, and a Savior whose joy it is to heal us all when we call upon Him.

May the Lord return to you double the blessings you give to others in need.

Pray on!


And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. ~ James 5:15